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QuitKick stops your horse from kicking its stall door...

Your horse needs strong, healthy legs and hooves, and a stall door kicking or pawing habit is a very dangerous and risky behavior. QuitKick has been designed by equine professionals to stop horses kicking stall doors. QuitKick is a simple, unique and easy to install solution to this destructive and harmful habit, a solution that requires zero training or teaching input. QuitKick uses controlled water jets and sensors to stop horses from kicking their stall doors, and can be used on any type of door. It is a remarkably effective solution to a serious equine problem. Typically horses stop kicking in under two days. QuitKick offers peace of mind and peace and quiet for you, your horse, and your stable.

QuitKick is mounted on the outside of the stall door. It has an internal water filter to avoid blockages, adjustable jet direction and is rechargeable with a full charge lasting up to 10 days.

Once mounted on the outside of the door QuitKick detects when the door is kicked by your horse. When your horse kicks the stall door, a device instantly sends two jets of water upwards in a one-second burst. The horse will back away from the door and very quickly learn to stop kicking the stall door.

Your horse is free to look out over or through the door as normal, and the unit will not activate unless the door is kicked. Your horse will believe that the water is activated solely by its own action of kicking the door so will stop doing it.

Through trials it has been found that typically horses stop kicking the stall door very soon after QuitKick is installed, although the actual time does vary from horse to horse.

Trials have shown that continual use of QuitKick will ensure reinforcement of the horses revised, non-door kicking, behavior.

The video footage above was taken by a QuitKick customer. Her Palomino stallion had been a chronic, lifelong door-kicker and pawer. The first half of the video shows him kicking and pawing his door - and as you will see from the video he has done considerable damage to his door, which is not his first and, unless this behavior is corrected, will not be his last. It is also likely that his behavior will result in self-inflicted injury, potentially serious. The potential costs to his owner include carpentry, farrier and veterinarian bills, never mind the emotional cost of an injured horse with a bad habit seemingly nothing will cure. The second half of the video shows what happens when QuitKick is installed.

The video illustrates the two major advantages of installing QuitKick.

Firstly, after the behavior is corrected by the squirt of water, the horse comes straight back to his door. The reason for this is that QuitKick is PAINLESS. It is sufficient deterrent to correct the kicking or pawing habit, but because it does not inflict any pain it does not induce any other negative behaviors. Therefore the horse is not afraid of his door or cowering in the back of his stall. As the video shows that he quickly returns to his door and continues to look out into his yard - the ONLY change to his behavior is that he is no longer kicking his door.

Secondly, as there is NO HUMAN INTERACTION, the correction is completely reliable. Most training regimes rely to some degree of human interaction, but because QuitKick is triggered by the horse itself, it is completely consistent regardless of when the horse kicks the door - morning, noon or night the correction applied is always instant and consistent. The horse will not associate any human being with the correction, meaning that in ALL other facets of his life his behavior is completely unchanged.

In this instance, this horse was completely cured of his kicking habit within three days of QuitKick being installed.

QuitKick - Dutch

QuitKick for Mesh or Barred Doors

QuitKick Dummy

QuitKick Total Stall System

Will QuitKick work on my horse?
QuitKick has been on sale in Britain for the last 18 months, and so far has proven to be 100% effective.

Will it stop other kicking behavior?
Trials have shown that horses trained by QuitKick greatly reduce kicking habits outside of the stall, although QuitKick should only be used on stall doors.

Can I move QuitKick on to another horse once the first horse has stopped kicking?
The horse will quickly learn to associate the negative result with two things – kicking the door and the presence of the device. Horses typically will start kicking again if the device is removed, and we would recommend that it is not removed even after the behavior stops. However, for stables that have several problem horses, we recommend the use of QuitKick Dummy.

Does QuitKick work on any stall door?
Yes. There are two versions of QuitKick - the QuitKick Dutch, which is used on any door that allows the horse to look over, and the QuitKick for Mesh or Barred doors, which works on any full height door that does not allow the horse to look over. The difference is twofold - they are fitted to the doors differently and the water jets fire in different directions. Both work on exactly the same principle and both are very simple to install.

Why is the device not attached directly to the door?
The battery that powers QuitKick will last well beyond the point at which the behavior is corrected. However, it will require recharging even if not used for several days as the electronics continue to draw power from the battery. Clearly, we do not recommend that owners run cables through stables in order to recharge the battery, therefore the unit is attached to a back plate which is in turn attached to the door, making it easily removed for recharging in a safe environment.

Will using QuitKick result in an aggressive response from my horse?
Rather than rear up in its stall, potentially harming the horse, when QuitKick is activated the horse will simply back away from the door. And although QuitKick is a negative enforcement device, the horse will not associate the negativity with a human being. The horse's behavior and temperament in human contact situations is totally unaffected.

Will QuitKick interfere with my regular stall chores?
QuitKick can be turned off, allowing you to go about your daily stall routine without setting the device off. The device is activated by a shock sensor rather than a movement sensor, so will not go off when the door is opened - provided it is opened gently.