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Tree Problem
Stephie from MA wrote (December 31, 2011):
I've had this saddle for about 2 months and was really enjoying it until the adjustable tree snapped in 1/2 while I was riding!!! Now I'm not sure if I should try another adjustable tree M. Toulouse saddle or not?
Stephie from MA wrote (August 21, 2011):
I bought this saddle a week ago and have really enjoyed it so far. My horse seems quite happy and comfortable and I enjoy the grippy leather and adjustable knee blocks. I was in the saddle today for 2 1/2 hrs. during a hunter pace and was very happy to be riding in my new M. Toulouse saddle!!!
Sam from New York wrote (April 12, 2011):
LOVE this saddle! The genesis saddle allowed a custom fit to my horse. The covered leather is very grippy, it really locks your leg in place.
Hanna from Pennsylvania wrote (March 19, 2011):
I sat in this saddle at Horsemen's Outlet and absolutely loved it! It is gorgeous, soft leather that was soooo comfortable. It was brand new but felt like it had been ridden in forever, wouldn't be a problem to break in! Super soft and comfy and am seriously considering it for my 16.2" TB mare. Great saddle