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THE best saddle!
Rylee Lacrosse from FL wrote (December 30, 2011):
i got this saddle for my birthday, and i have had it for 6 months now! it was a quick break-in and its super comfortable, and there's no wear! i could not have gotten a better saddle! i've ridden and tried all the different kinds of saddles there are, and this, hands down, sky rockets to the top! its so amazing! super durable, and with the XCH system, it fits every horse i ride! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!
Kelsey from BDA wrote (November 30, 2010):
I love this saddle!! its so nice to ride in! I can hold my position much better then i could in my old saddle and it also fits my horse so much better, she can now really stretch her legs and jump a lot rounder. she is so much easier to ride now! also the leather is so soft and breaks in easy! i would recommend this saddle to EVERYONE!
Brian S from Virginia wrote (March 04, 2010):
Normally I want the most expensive of whatever available. My wife and our trainer talked me into this saddle because it fit my horse. TB x ?. They did change the width of it. I like this saddle because it is comfortable in the seat. I am not doing big fences yet, but this saddle doesn't hit me in the rear like my old one.
VM from Florida wrote (August 30, 2009):
I would NOT recommend this saddle! It did not fit AMY of the horses I put this saddle one including my older thoroughbred, my 2 year old thoroughbred or my holsteiner thoroughbred cross or my friends oldenburg quarter horse cross jumper! It was WAY too narrow in the sholders or it was putting pressure on their back for all of the horses and it was very slick and hard to maintain a good seat and I had a very hard time getting out of the saddle over larger fences. I loved the Pessoa A/O saddle.
Christina Snow from Texas wrote (August 18, 2009):
This is the most comfortable saddle I have ever ridden in not just for me but every horse I put it on moves better. I show 3 different breeds and it is nice to have a show saddle that adjusts for each horse. Very good balance and exceptional cratsmanship.
JJ from California wrote (April 19, 2009):
This is the best saddle ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every one should have one!