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ATL_Hunter from GA wrote (December 03, 2010):
I love this saddle! My trainer has one and I've been riding in it for about 3 years. I began an intense saddle search a few months ago - looking for a saddle that was comfortable, that supported correct leg position over fences, and had properly engineered knee and thigh blocks (that don't overtorque the knee since I have a knee injury). My final choice came down to the Amerigo DJ and this saddle. This saddle won on overall comfort. The wide works on every horse in our barn (with an optional Mattes pad). The saddle breaks in quickly as well. Honestly, it's a barn favorite!
Merideth from California wrote (January 07, 2010):
This is a great saddle! very nice! the seat, panels, and knee rolls are very soft! I would suggest to oil the billets at once, they are very, very stiff, they are also a bit wide, so I have a bit of trouble tightening the girth. The first time I rode in it, it got scratched by the leathers, but a bit or rubbing with a tack sponge clears them off right away!