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Michelle from Ca wrote (November 07, 2010):
I have it and like it alot though it doesn't offer much space... It's alot like a garbage can made out of that sturdy materail. I definatly would NOT pay this much for it though..
Shannon from NH wrote (May 05, 2010):
I am very disappointed with this item. When you put a saddle inside, the width touches both walls so hanging the bridles from the intended hooks is impossible. The top under the lide is nice however, the older models had racks inside the door which would be better for polo wraps, etc. Mine takes up a lot more space that what it holds so it now sits in my basement :( There are many other options out there I would go with first!
Sue from NY wrote (November 10, 2009):
This trunk is really nice !!!!! the only fault is that there may not be enough space at times ..........