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Britt from FL wrote (January 15, 2012):
The crystals are very nice and have an overall good "sparkle". It is made in India and has the typical cheap leather feel. It's over all a decent browband.
Erica from Georgia wrote (May 25, 2011):
I really like this browband. I got the brown thinking it was black because the brown was so dark so I had to take it back to get the black. The black is really pretty but my only complaint is that I feel like it may be slightly too small for my thoroughbred even though it is considered a one size fits all deal. I would be careful buying if you owned a large headed warmblood.
Liz from AZ wrote (May 23, 2011):
Ordered this browband and it came quickly, before the estimated ship date. Gorgeous! The brown is very dark, which matched my bridle perfectly. Crystals give a nice sparkle, great for showing!
Kenna W. from North Carolina` wrote (April 08, 2010):
I like this browband, I got it in multi-color in brown. It doesn't match my bridal or saddle at alal. And the brown looks horrible on my gray horse, well its not really my horse, I ride someone else's horse. I cant afford one