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Winnie from TX wrote (July 01, 2012):
This vest is great. I've had it for three years. I got it after I grew out of my Tiperrary and they are pretty much the exact same vest except that you can get purple Tiperarry's:P They're really good protection and they're comfortable and flexible. Last week, I fell off of my horse on cross-country and she stepped on me and my back is fine. The only part that got banged up was my neck becasue it had no protection and I fell on it.
from MD wrote (March 03, 2012):
Considering its a vest for the shopper with a budget in mind, i think it's great! Tipperery is pretty pricey for someone who rides cross-country or dressage once a week, so this option is a great one. Not sure what the other reviews mean by the vest falling apart, i've had it for a couple year now (bought in 2010), and the only issue i've had are the laces on the sides coming undone if i don't tie them well. However, i get a great range of motion, and i pretty much forget it's on after i'm on my horse. I even fell flat on my back once and hardly felt a thing (i actually wish it covered the back of my thigh since that's the only part that got bruised). I would recommend this to anyway who wants to feel safer on cross country rides, those new to riding, or just flatwork in the ring a few times a week.
Rebecca from MI wrote (July 28, 2011):
Before this vest I had a Tipperary, I rode in this vest once, hated it and returned it...insted I bought the Tipperary which is a much better vest comfort wise and quality wise.
Julia Shewchuk from Florida wrote (October 20, 2010):
I ride endurance and have worn this vest on most training rides and all competition rides last season. My vest has held up great and after a few minutes I forget that I'm even wearing a vest. A great investment in your safety for an affordable price.
Katherine R from MI wrote (May 30, 2010):
I love this vest a lot! I am an eventer and though a Tipperary would be nice, this works and does its job. I have had my current vest for almost three years now, w/ much wear and a few falls(its a great thing to have training a young horse:P). I have read the other reviews and my vest has not ripped nor is damaged in any way previous stated, just the some wear on it since it is three years old. A great vest for its afordable price!
Mischa from OR wrote (March 02, 2010):
A terrible substitute for the Tipperary. I have been dissapointed in this vest as it is coming apart in a few locations with not much wear. I had a Tipperary for years that I replaced with this.....should have spent the extra on the real thing. You get what you pay for.
MR from TN wrote (September 17, 2009):
First off, you should know that this vest is NOT CERTIFIED. t does not meet any current safety standards. Not Beta level 3 or ASTM. Other than that, great vest. Fits well, and is flexible, not restricting in the least. Looks like the Tipperary (which is not certified either), but is much less expensive. Great for riding/jumping at home, but not for shows that require a certified riding vest.
gretchen eberle from california wrote (June 30, 2009):
Design flaw causes this jacket to fail. The grommets on the sides of the jacket pull out of the material. When they put these grommets in, they punched through the sewing that holds the binding onto the vest. Thus, the binding pulls away from the vest too. I fixed ours by reinforcing with button hole thread up both sides of each binding edge under the arms where the stresses occur. Reinforcing the grommets was a little more complicated. The vest seems okay once some personal reinforcement is done. My friend's brand new vest is starting to do the same thing too.
Douglas Holloway from Virginia wrote (May 15, 2009):
This vest was for my 9 year old son and it fits very well. I would strengthen the zipper though because the plastic one sometimes comes undone and doesn't hold as well as needed.
Sarah from Michigan wrote (November 20, 2008):
I love this vest! Just like the Tipperary, but wayyy cheaper, but not cheaply made. My horse needs me to have a very fliexible upper body, and this vest lets you move as needed.