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Kendra from CO wrote (August 18, 2012):
I bought the Shoulder Back because I have horrible posture in and out of the saddle. I'm wearing it now and its helping immensely. I would wear a shirt underneath 'cause it rubs against your skin. I'm happy I got it and I think I can improve better now.
Really Convenient!
Ruby Dunbar from CA wrote (February 20, 2012):
From ready other reviews about it i was expecting a harsh device forcing my shoulders back, but its so much gentler than that! I wear it around my house as well as the barn and riding and its really comfortable(i do recommend wearing it on top of something because of rubbing)! And when i take it off its a lot easier to keep my shoulders back in general! I strongly recommend!
Kate from PA wrote (April 23, 2011):
This product really, really does work. I always round my shoulders and have a tendency to collapse my upper body while cantering. This works like a charm! Even just walking around with it on, you can really feel yourself standing straighter. However, major caveats. It's extremely uncomfortable and even painful to wear directly over your bra (ladies). Because it has to pull back your shoulders, it is pretty strong. Thus, it chafes and the velcro scratches skin pretty painfully. While it may not be a big deal to some ladies to wear it over your riding shirt, for us with a medium to larger bosom, it's definitely going to accentuate "the girls" as there is a front strap (not pictured) that goes directly under your chest. Again, this may not be a big deal to some, but it's extremely awkward looking for me (5'6'', 130, 34C). Still on the fence about returning it because it really is effective, just very awkward to wear.
Linda from TX wrote (May 18, 2010):
I absolutely love this product. my trainer recommended it to me about a year ago and ive been using it nearly every time i ride since then. it definately helps to keep the shoulders back. at first it hurts a bit but after you learn to keep your shoulders back the pain goes away.
Nancy Clifford from NY wrote (April 12, 2010):
This was very helpful in showing me how my shoulders were supposed to be. It does put strain on my lower back if I wear it too long, and I found that it's easier to walk aroud with it and keep my shoulders back, but while I'm on the horse I tend to bring my whole body forward (instead of just my shoulders) to compensate - which is just as bad if not worst. All in all it's pretty good, but a little over priced for what you get I think.
liz from wy wrote (April 04, 2010):
i found the product put pressure on my neck and was sized too big. get amsller size then you think
Sarah from CA wrote (November 02, 2009):
The Shoulders Back has helped my posture both on and off my horse. The only problem for me was keeping it on too long--you should add time SLOWLY, not wear it 8 hours the first day! :) Opps!!!
Mary from VA wrote (September 02, 2009):
This is an excellent aid to give you the correct feel. We are all more crooked than we think, and this helps put everything straight--for riding, and my daughter even uses it to help with her posture for dance as well.
Nadine from Florida wrote (April 23, 2009):
Although this is no replacement for standing up straight it does demonstrate what it feels like. The real problem is getting them to wear it!