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Very comfortable, until you add half chaps
Jumper3 from OR wrote (October 04, 2012):
These paddock boots are extremely comfortable! My only complaint, which I have about all paddock boots that use padding around the ankle, is "how the heck am I supposed to get my half chaps to zip down over all that!" If you like semi- custom fitted half chaps, you know they are snug, everywhere. But these boots are "puffy" - 2 layers of leather with some kind of padding in between starting just below and on up to your ankle bone, so my half chaps have to be left unzipped the last inch or so, which looks incredibly sloppy! I'm rather bummed, as I need a very comfortable boot, but can't afford to look like a slob in the arena, even at home.
Great Quality, Run Large
CMH from NJ wrote (September 30, 2012):
The overall quality and comfort is outstanding. The shoe is shorter than most paddock boots and comes up on the ankle right at the ankle bone. If this is sensitive for you you may want to consider a different boot. Overall appearance reminds be of a basketball shoe rather than a paddock boot. They do not look equestrian at all and in fact look quite strange unless paired with the Volant half chap. The zipper and Velcro area is also a bit bulky. These run large!! I am a size 8.5 normally. I do have a pair of Ariat Cobalts that are a 9.5. I needed an 8 in the Volant.
Judith from FL wrote (June 06, 2012):
These boots are amazing! Love love love them! they even hold up in the rain and mud! Plus, they are the most comfortable boots ever! It is well worth the money to buy a pair! :]
Katherine from Texas wrote (October 30, 2011):
I love these boots!! I got them for my birthday in July and they have been fantastic! I feel like im wearing my favorite pair of tennis shoes and I wore them like they were too. I would wear them so much that I was afraid I was going to wear down the bottoms so I had to stop :P My only complaint is that my half chaps have stretched out so the velcro flap on the top goes in front of my half chaps sometimes.. but that just means its time to replace my half chaps haha. These boots are also such a difference then the boring black or brown only paddock boots. I love having a color spash every once in a while. I give these boots two thumbs up