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Aw Mann!!
Kellie E. from GA wrote (September 29, 2012):
I loved these at first they were great, and I only wore them at shows... Today I got off and took a couple of steps and the zipper busted :(( I'm going to take them back to dover later and hopefully get some ariats...
Emily from MN wrote (September 26, 2012):
I bought these boots after having Ariats for years. I wanted something that would last and be comfortable. I found that they were hard to break in, do not look show quality, and still give me rubs after almost a year. I would not buy this particular style again.
Don't hold up
Sami L from CA wrote (September 23, 2012):
Bought these boots in January 2012. They broke in nicely and were really comfortable, but by July of 2012 the soles had come off of both boots, the insides of the bottoms were coming out, and I had to send them back. Also, after two or three months the insides began to rub when I rode causing my legs to burn. Leather doesn't look good after a while. Don't buy them if you intend to use them everyday.
Don't buy these
Sanna Beyer from TN wrote (August 19, 2012):
These boots were reat at first, but as time went on, thery became annoying to ride in. They stretch out way to much to the point i can fit my hand in the spanish top. I'm to the point where I have to soak them in water to shrink the leather and have the elastic taken out so they won't slide down my leg.
Awful Boots.
Allie K. from VA wrote (August 14, 2012):
I bought these boots hoping that I could use them in shows and schooling. Bottom line, they rub your heels until they're raw, making it painful to walk, the zipper makes the boot hard to zip up, and when your riding, the leather makes your leg slip. Advice, don't buy these boots.
Wonderful boot
Hanifah from WA wrote (August 08, 2012):
I ordered this boot after reading lots of reviews and comparisons of Mountain Horse and Ariat, because I originally wanted Ariats. However, after seeing the number of people who had the zippers on their Ariats break, I went with these and I am so happy I did! They are absolutely great quality and well made, and very comfortable. They broke in easily (I oiled them inside and out and wore them around the house for a couple hours a day for maybe a week, rode once and they were totally broken in). The spanish top is very stylish, and the elastic, which I didn't even know was there when I ordered them, is not noticeable when riding/showing, but makes them a breeze to get on and off and really conforms them to your leg. THe zippers are quite sturdy, easy to work, and I can't see them breaking any time soon. Overall, I love these boots, and couldn't ask for more. If you're torn between Ariats and these, I recommend trying these.
great boots after the break-in period
Elise from PA wrote (July 23, 2012):
pros- cheap; look great; use them for shows/schoolings; mold to your legs perfectly cons- snap behind the boot had to be replaced after 2 months because it fell off; took 3 months to break-in
Happier than expected.
John L from AZ wrote (June 21, 2012):
These boots are better than I had imagined. Mountain Horse has begun to manufacture these with a couple of leather strips along the elastic so it's barely visible. Also, the elastic is installed on the inner-side of the zippers, making it even less noticable than on older models of the same boots. Anyway, the rest of these good reviews spell it out accurately. They're high-quality, very good-looking, well-fit, and come at a very reasonable price. Oh, and if there happens to be another guy out there considering these because the men's venice boot only comes in one calf option, don't hesitate. That's what happened to me since I need a slim calf, and they don't look oddly feminine on me. Anyway, thanks, Dover Saddlery!
Show ring, everyday, anytime.
Kristen from NH wrote (June 10, 2012):
I bought a pair of these last year, and I had never ridden in such comfy boots. They broke in the first ride, and I loved how they supported my bad ankle. I recently bought a second pair just for shows yesterday, and they are braking in just by riding and walking. These boots are worth every cent (although I bought mine new in the bargain basement). Mountain horse boots in general are my top choice.
Kat from AK wrote (June 02, 2012):
bought for showing this summer and love them! Super comfy, very pretty, worth every penny!
Great boot!!!!
Lily from PA wrote (May 30, 2012):
I bought these boots about two years ago to show in. They were absolutely wonderful. I am 5'11" and I really have a hard time finding boots that are tall enough but these fit like a glove and look great. I now wear them for daily riding. They have held up wonderfully even after 2 years of Eventing!! I will definitely be buying another pair for show boots this summer!!
AJ from OH wrote (May 16, 2012):
Very nice boots, well worth $250 - look and last better than Ariat Challenges. If you want these boots to break in well though, USE THE BATHTUB trick! Put the boots on, get them soaked, and then wear them until they dry. I promise they will completely mold to your leg and break in well without pain.
Boots :)
CeiCei from DE wrote (May 09, 2012):
I bought these boots because i needed a pair for showing this summer. I rode in these for the first time today, and they are practically broken in. One is more broken in than the other, but thats okay, it will break in eventually. Anyways, the ride was Painful (duh) but was totally worth it! I recommend these boots for people new to showing or even people that have been showing for a long time! These are fantastic boots, and the price of $240 isn't bad.
Great boot!
Shelley from MD wrote (May 08, 2012):
I LOVE these boots. They look great in the ring and are so comfortable! They broke in quick and the zippers work great. The only thing I don't like was the zipper digs into the back of my ankle, but I bought the Equi-Fit Gel Bands and I don't feel a thing. AMAZING and LOVE them
Great boots!!
Alyssa from MD wrote (May 06, 2012):
After reading many reviews for many of the tall boots on here I decided to go with these good rateings,nice looking,and in my price zone. I didnt try these on at the store myself so I guessed and bought I had read that a girl on here the same height as me (4"10) had got these boots but in regular and they ran a little small so when they droppd they would be even small so I went ahead and bought the slim tall they were a bit big when I got them and cover the crease in my back leg when it bends so I could walk right so of course I walkd a little funny but i've been oiling them after every ride around the ankle and the back of my leg where the crease is its droping more with every ride and starting to fit me the only bad thing I dont like about these boots is it give's me rubs around my ankles badly so I wear double socks so far ive riddn in them 4 times only though so I suspect they wont rub when they drop and fit me (hopefully) Other then that I love them very much they looks expensive and fancy and everyone a
Update review
Natalie from MD wrote (April 18, 2012):
They have broken in quite nice except my left boot is more broken in than my right. haha i have an updated video if you would like to see and excuse my eq. at some points just look at the boots :p
Great boot for schooling and showing!
May from IA wrote (April 17, 2012):
I just started showing alot more, and I got these boots in a hurry for a show. I got them and wore them once before the show, and they were basically broken in and made my leg perfect! Now I have a dressage show this saturday, and I just started wearing them again about a week before that to break them in. They're broken in perfectly and I could totally live in these (except that I baby them) and I'm really excited to wear them in my show. They run very true to size if anything a little big, so order your size... I ordered a half size up and now they're to big :P my fault though not Dover or the brand. The only thing I don't like about these, as other people have mentioned, is the laces. the rest of the boot screams quality and lastivity but the laces look cheap. I'm sure that can be fixed though, if I just buy new ones when they break. I'm wearing the boots right now, I just cleaned them and am working on my jumping postion and they look so pretty :) also dover has great customer service I ordered a size to
Noah The Pony from NE wrote (March 17, 2012):
I just got these boots and they are very nice. The leather is quite nice and supple already; the ankle is even made of softer leather to allow easy flexion of the ankle. I got the short because I'm only 4'9 and it does run a little short, as I measured the back of my knee at about 15.5 inches and the boot was, right out of the box, that tall. It doesnt really matter, though because the Spanish tops are so high. The only issue I have with this boot is that on my second ride in them one of the laces snapped- I thought that the whole boot would be very durable, but now I have to fix my laces :( Anyway, really nice boot, just sad about the laces.
Rachel from PA wrote (March 12, 2012):
I went to Dover in a panic the day before a show as my old boots' zipper broke. I was worried about buy a new pair the day before the show, as even after a year my old boots still weren't broken in the way I'd like them to be. Thankfully, these boots fit like a glove and were more comfortable than my old ones! My coach even said my leg looked better in these boots than my old ones! The elastic at the calf is great! Before I bought my winter boots, I schooled in these in all sorts of layers and they still fit amazing! Jeans, sweats, breeches, you name it fit great in these boots! Because of the great fit, I use them to school and show. The zipper has never given me problems and is definitely one tough cookie! I just wish I had bought these in the first place!
Painful Beauty
Natalie from MD wrote (February 21, 2012):
This is my update review the first 3 rides i had were pretty painful but it was totally worth it!!! they are beautiful now and i already had one show with them here's a video if you would like to see them
Rachel from MA wrote (January 14, 2012):
I love these boots. I have not been nice to them at all, yet they still look brand new every time I clean and condition them. I have ridden in them 3 days a week for more than a year and walked through mud, snow, and puddles. I show in them too. They looked a 1000 times better on me than the Ariat Heritage ones, they are comfortable and fit skinny legs and ankles very well. My trainer does not like cheap looking gear, so she loves these. Buy these boots!!!!
New Boots
Natalie from MD wrote (January 13, 2012):
I just bought these boots today and they are beautifulll! i can't wait to ride in these boots since my old ones were horrible
Awful Boot
Casey H. from VA wrote (January 09, 2012):
Don't waste your time and money on these boot! They never break in nicely, the boots looked COMPLETELY different, and they really never dropped. Every time I show in them they rub my ankles to the point of blood.
Haley from AZ wrote (January 04, 2012):
I originally wanted the Middleburg field boots that dover carries, but they were out of stock so my parents ordered me these! They are really nice and the leather is pretty soft out of the box. My parents ordered me a slim and they were really hard to zip at first but after wearing them for a little bit they stretched a bit and zip up easy. They started to break in just from me walking around the house in them for a day and really broke in after about my third ride. My right boot has dropped already, but my left boot seems to be taking a little longer, but i think its almost there. The high spanish top is perfect and these boots are really comfy and haven't been too painful to break in. The soles on these boots are so grippy and do not move at all in my stirrups! This boot is great for the price!
In Love from GA wrote (January 02, 2012):
Broke in after my first ride!
Chris M. Customer Service from MA wrote (December 28, 2011):
Thank you for both the positive, and not so positive feedback on this product. We do have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Money back, any time any reason. Please call us at 1-800-989-1500 or visit live chat or send an email. We would be happy to take care of you.
Awful Boot
Casey from VA wrote (December 22, 2011):
This boot never broke in! The woman at the store said it would drop a inch or more but it never did! Do not buy this boot! The toe was so rounded that I could hardly fit my NARROW foot into it! Every day I wore them they gave me another cut or bruise to the point I have scars on my ankles. Buy Ariat or Tredstep. End of story.
Jammie from MA wrote (December 02, 2011):
I absolutely LOVE these boots! They are a great inexpensive boot and good for showing. The boot looks very sleek, very easy to break in (started to break in after 1 ride). i strongly reccommend this to any rider looking for an inexpensive field boot