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Seem nicer to me than others report.
Lori from TX wrote (April 20, 2012):
I compared these boots with my other riding boots and find these to be MORE comfortable. For me they ran a little short in the foot, so I am ordering a second pair to try a size larger.
Rendra from Alabama wrote (March 10, 2011):
If I could rate these boots as a zero i would! They are so uncomfortable, they are not great for showing or schooling! They are not good for anything! Dublin has made much better things and these boots are not good at all!! They are really big and and fall apart very easily. I had just started riding dressage when I bought them thinking they'd be good for just starting out but man was I WRONG! Do not buy these boots unless you want to waste your money!
Bridget from Oregon wrote (September 05, 2010):
Runs very large especially in the calf. The leather feels like rubber, and scuffs easily. The heel wares quickly, and the the ankle bunches up. If you are looking for a comfortable boot this is not it. Go for the Ariat boots.
Maria from MA wrote (April 30, 2010):
I really dislike these boots. They are very uncomfortable i could not stand wearing them. The area where the foot ends and leg begins (idk if you understood me) is HUGE ad so when every I take a step it bends a like crazy!!