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Best Boots EVER!!
Concertina from PA wrote (June 25, 2012):
These are my favorite boots! They are comfortable, breathable, and they are great in stirrups. I ride bareback a lot and they stay snugly to my feet. They are comfortable to wear all day long. I would think endurance riders would LOVE these shoes!!
long wearing and comfortable-
Katrina from NH wrote (May 18, 2012):
Dover employee- have 3 pair of these in different colors-i have worn them out and to the barn-very comfortable-but take a beating and keeps on fitting great
Lucille from Texas wrote (September 07, 2011):
I have these boots they are so warm. I wore them in 2006 in Alaska salmon fishing. My feet stayed warm while my sisters feet froze in her tennis shoes. These boots are 6 years old but have held up beautifully no wear showing.
Raquel from Massachusetts wrote (August 10, 2011):
A great eventing boot for a barn routine,i.e. walking/assisting horses & riders around the stadium jumping ring, cross country field and dressage arena & aisleways/paddocks/runs/stalls/trails/tacking, etc.. However, they soak through & do get dirty often. But, a really comfortable shoe worn all day & no problems walking the eventing routine all day also. Not a good shoe to go from the barn to riding if the shoes get dirty, etc.. They dry out, however, pretty well & retain their useful shape for barn routines though.
madison from pa wrote (August 07, 2011):
All i can say is great boots !!!!! I have had mine forever and no problems have come up !!!! Although they run big in size!
Sienna from Ohio wrote (June 09, 2011):
Great shoe as long as you get them on sale. Pefect to ride in but two things. One is that they are a dust collecter so they always dirty. The other thing is that aining a horse or pony don't wear these because they get stuck in the stirrups. Other than that they are great!
Liss from AL wrote (June 07, 2011):
I have the zip version of this boot (wish they still made it) and I love them. I've had them for over four years, and the lining is just now beginning to come apart. I've worn them all day 5 days a week during that time both for riding and for barn chores and they've held up great. Great quality and very comfortable. I would love to have another pair.
Karly from MD wrote (April 24, 2011):
I LOVE these boots. But, I blow through them well within a year. I am an equine dentist and riding instructor, so I'm on my feet all the time. Unfortunately, they wear through too quickly for me :(
Chelsea from Texas wrote (February 19, 2011):
These are the only boots that I can wear all day to teach all day at a therapy barn, to ride, and to go hiking (though not the greatest tread for that). These boots have relieved the amount of stress my body takes and the ease with which they breath and moves allows for any swelling or heat that may occur. I am now on my third pair of boots since they only last me for a year before they start cracking at the toe bend. Also go a size smaller than what you normally wear, I bought a 9 and found it fit like a 10 so had to buy a new pair at 7.5 (I normally wear a 8.5). Though I have also found that the leather on the inside at the back of the heel wears faily easily and once it does can be very uncomfortable and time for a new pair.
julia from virginia wrote (January 06, 2011):
i recently got these boots and they have already made me extremely satisfied. they are comfortable, and i would wear them out in public. i rode in them today and they were wonderful! i purchaced the half chaps to match, and they are also great. well we ride with our calves on, and i had such a good leg. it didn't budge. i did a 2'6 oxer and my leg DID NOT move. it was great. i can't wait to see how well they last up to time. but i hope that they will last.
Caitlin from Florida wrote (December 05, 2010):
These are great boots. They're super comfortable and supportive on and off the horse, and the soles have great tread both in the stirrup and on the ground. I use them for everything from trail riding to dressage schooling. Their only disadvantage is they are a little bulky and are hard to fit under half chaps.
Eva from Texas wrote (November 08, 2010):
I bought a pair of these several years ago from our local tack shop and I really liked them. I've since grown out of them but they were very comfortable and held up very well. They are also good for walking if you're on a trail ride and need to hop off for any reason. I would definitely recommend these boots.
Kristy from CA wrote (October 26, 2010):
At first I thought these boots would be great, but was soon very disappointed. Although they are without a doubt some of the most comfortable boots I've worn they do NOT hold up. I have gone through 3 pairs in 1 year. Rather dissapointed and pricey. I now wear just normal hiking type boots and they have lasted me for 8 months now and only costing me $30. I would not recommend these boots to anyone. Very dissapointed in Ariat's fallen quality.
Tiffany from CT wrote (March 28, 2010):
I tried these on at a Dover store and they are nice but didn't fit right on my slighly wide feet. I bought the retired terrain shane and they are amazing!!!! I don't know why they got discontinued and they kept these!!!
Equestrian from Texas wrote (February 22, 2010):
I absoultly love these boots! they are extremely supportive and my feet are in extreme comfort whether I'm riding, working around the barn, or even at home. I definetly reccommend these.
Squeaky from NY wrote (November 24, 2009):
I bought 2 pairs- the Cordovan leather fit a little too large and had to return for 1/2 size smaller- now fits great with plenty of room in forefoot. Ordered the taupe- suede model- much narrower in forefoot and fits snug when ordered 1/2 size smaller than usuual size (thinking it would fit like the cordavan model)- have returned and reordered my usual size-hoping will fit OK now-take note if ordering this model.
lisa from California wrote (October 27, 2009):
Great light=weight shoe. I can jump off my horse and walk him for miles and not feel it in my feet. Great for endurance and cTR rides.
someone from er wrote (August 31, 2009):
These boots are amazing. They were comfortable from the start. I even went hiking in them and they were comfortable the whole time a little hot, but thats okay. I love ariat boots. They are the only boots I buy!
Pam from AZ wrote (August 31, 2009):
I love these boots - they are really comfortable. I have a wide foot and these fit really well. They are easy to get in and out of my stirrups (size 10 boot and 5" english fillis stirrups). My only complaint is that my clumsy Percheron can kick sand in the top of my boot if I don't wear my half chaps because they are not tight at the ankle.
jaime from washington wrote (August 30, 2009):
Superior boots for a great price! I have 1 pair for riding, 1 for at home, and 1 for work. I'm on my feet all day, and am always cushioned and comfortable. Highly recommend!
Dee from NM wrote (August 19, 2009):
Outstanding boots. I have really sore and fussy feet--I can seldom wear anything but sandals--and I could wear these right from the start. I want to get the sneaker version! This is my second pair--the first pair lasted at least 4 years.
Heather from Florida wrote (July 27, 2009):
These are great boots! Even though I've worn them all the time for both barn chores and riding they still look and feel great, and I've had them nearly three years! When they eventually wear out I will definitely get another pair! I highly recommend them! You won't be disappointed.
Candice from NY wrote (June 21, 2009):
I love these boots. I am a park ranger as well as a horse lover, so i climb well over 800 wet stairs every day, they not only hold up to the abuse there comfy and supportive!
Tina from virginia wrote (June 11, 2009):
I have these boots & absolutely love em! Im on my 2nd pair! The ATS technology gives my "bad" knee the awesome support it needs when I ride, run, or just for working around the barn! Heck I like wearing them to work cause I gotta stand up for 8 hrs overnite stocking shelves or running the cash register!
Jordana from Oregon wrote (May 23, 2009):
I am on my third or fourth pair of these very comfortable for riding, hiking or working around the farm. I even have run in them in a pinch. I usually wear through the leather at the inside toe after about 3 years of lots of riding...if only you could wear them in the show ring.
Review from PA wrote (June 18, 2008):
Very comfortable and they look nice. Over all great shoes.