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Not good quality
Paige M. from VA wrote (September 14, 2012):
The zipper is very stiff. They required help to zip them up in the store. Nice to find a boot to fit my calf, but the ankles were too big and the zipper broke the first time I tried them on at home. Since they weren't "dirt chaep" I expected more. They're going back to the store and I'm going to spend a little more money for better quality. Hope it works.
Poor Quality
Lauren from TX wrote (September 11, 2012):
Had these boots for 4 months with riding in them 3-5 times per week and by the end of month 3 the snaps had broken off the leather flap at the top of the zipper, the inside elastic "V" was splitting from the leather AND the elastic panel was tearing away from the leather at the bottom of my heel. None of these problems were because my boots were too big - I think they actually run a bit larger than measured. Thank you Dover for letting me return them! I would not go with this brand for field boots if you plan on wearing them more than once a month. Dropped a ton when I broke them in as well.
Fit but don't last
Ellen C from CA wrote (July 21, 2012):
These boots fit well but the zipper pull broke and the elastic strip puckered within 5 months. I just sent them back for a new pair. They say leather but they feel kind of fake to me. Typical "made in china" materials.
Expecting more!
TerryNH from NH wrote (July 14, 2012):
The fit is great that is about it. The zipper is about to break,need to be real careful with it. I was told it was leather when I bought it, went back a month later to see if I could do anything about the zipper, I was told the boot wasn't real leather that is why the zipper is tough to use, when I told them I was told it was leather when I bought it , they said maybe it is. It is not stamped anywhere so I think she's right. It doesn't feel like real leather and it scuffs real easy & it won't buff out like the old leather boots did. The only reason I gave it a 2 because it was the best fitting boot for the price.
Melonie,Dressage,English from IA wrote (April 18, 2012):
These boots didnt last a month zipper puller broke, elastic is stretched, and the boots look bad after a few months because they fit funny
Perfect boots!!!!
Tori g from PA wrote (March 21, 2012):
I love these boots. They are my first pair and I adore them. They are cheap, super comfy, and stylish. They clean easily and look shiny and new after each wash. I highly recommend them. They fit me like a glove and people always ask if they are custome made. The only issue in size was I had to put some tissue in the toe scince they were my first pair and I wasn't use to the extra space. I've had these 1-1/2+years and the only issue I had was that a seem ripped, which I fixed for 10$ and looks like new:)
Laura from NH wrote (February 28, 2012):
I have gone through 2 pairs of these boots in 6 months! I have had the zipper snap in half both times and the elastic on the half gets all streched out a bunched up. Thank you Dover for letting me exchange these twice, I am going with a different brand this time.
I love these!
Jess from CA wrote (February 13, 2012):
I bought these because I'm on the short side (5ft 3) and they were the only boots I could find that fit my leg. I have had them for 3 years now and I plan on buying another pair when these give out. I love the elastic in the back b/c I feel like it helps take stress off the zipper. They are very practical boots.
Susan Akk from Illinois wrote (December 12, 2011):
i loved these boots at first then after like 5 times after wearing them the zipper puller upper thing broke on both of them and now im using breadies!