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Great with a few drawbacks
Shelly from MD wrote (August 06, 2012):
I've had these boots for a few years and they are great. My only complaints are the suede turns grey when it starts to get worn down and the zipper broke the second year. I've taken them to get the zipper replaced, but the guy said the boot wouldn't be the same. I love these boots but if you're looking for something to last 4+ years, then I wouldn't buy it.
Perfect for winter or summer!
Kate from OH wrote (May 08, 2012):
I wear them everyday. Full easy flexion at the ankle, feel good the moment you take them out of the box. I hose them off and put them away after everyride no other mantainance to keep them looking brand new. Pretty satin purple plaid lining. I recomend wearing socks that gopast your ankle at first because there is a tag behind it that will rub if you don't flip it off. Suade inside gives an awesome grip, wears off the boot a little with sweat and time. Your feet will feel wonderful especialy if they are wide and your pinkies usualy rub.
Great Boot
joyce from IN wrote (March 04, 2012):
Great boot this is my second winter wearing them.I clean stalls, I ride in them walk in mud and water.They still are going strong look great feel great clean up great..Butter soft leather I think my best winter boot ever..A + boot
Winter Boots
Melanie from PA wrote (February 16, 2012):
I love these boots! They're fantastic! They keep my feet nice and warm. If you have a wider calf I would suggest getting the wide style. (:
Most Favorite Boots Ever
Amature daily rider. from CA wrote (January 18, 2012):
I bought these boots because I wanted something to keep my feet warm and dry in a cold Washington winter. I spent much of my time traipsing through the mud because of all the rain and after a year spent in these boots I will never go back. Not only are they nearly water proof except for the zipper they are warms and extremely comfortable from the moment that stepped into them. I have actually stood in three inch puddles working on a horse to go though them without getting my feet wet. I also have been able to clean them up enough to wear them in schooling and "B" rated shows. After almost a year and a half they are holding up and the only damage is the snap at the top of the zipper held too much one day and I tore it off, but it is still snapped. Cannot say enough good things about these boots and have recommended them to anyone and everyone. I think that I bought them for only $190.00. I don't know if the price went up or if I just got a good deal, but I didn't spend this much on them.
Chelsie from PA wrote (January 09, 2012):
This boots are great! Really comfortable and keep my feet warm on the coldest days. Great to ride in and I even show in mine on the really cold days.
Marissa from Oregon wrote (December 16, 2011):
I received these boots as a Christmas present last year. I went to the Dover Saddlery store and tried them on and they were the most comfortable pair of boots I've ever put on. I was looking for a pair of boots to be able to ride in and be outside in the cold weather and these were it. They are waterproof and the insulation keeps my legs very warm. I have not had the problem of my feet getting wet. I also wear rubber booties to fit over the bottom of my shoe. I do this to protect the boot from scuffs and water. Overall, I love these boots and they serve the purpose of a riding boot. I would not wear these boots to do chores in.