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Marie from VA wrote (August 29, 2012):
I got these boots as a gift and i really liked them, but they took a while to break in and after 3 years still arn't fully broken in, they would probably be nicer if I had paddock boots and didn't wear them them whole time while grooming, tacking, and un-tacking, so I wouldn't recommend using these for everyday use and ONLY riding, the sole was comeing apart after 2 years so i had it glued back on and i can't hose my horse off now in them because they arn't water proof any more, so also don't recommend them for that, I would suggest looking for boots with the sole stitched and not glued on. I like them for their price and they work okay for me, but if you are willing to go up a little in price for a stitched sole I would.
Great and worth it!
Klara from IL wrote (May 22, 2012):
I bought these three years ago and they are in great shape! They are fashionable and durable for the price! Water-proof and strong. I don't understand why people are reveiwing these as bad? The only concern iI had was that the leather was very hard and took a while to break into causing them to hurt some when I bent my knees and flexed my ankles. They are great and i love them! I bought them off the internet and they fit! I do advise younger people or thinner people to get slim. *Note they do get cold in the winter and get a bit uncomfortable after wearing them for a long period of time.
Naomi from CO wrote (April 12, 2012):
I had worn these for less than 4 months when the sole began to come off of these and a hole about an inch long appeared on the foot. I have a cheap $35 pair of tall boots that have been through it all and are in great shape.
Unreliable zipper
Morgan from UT wrote (March 05, 2012):
I wore these boots less than 10 times before the zipper broke off. I'm getting the zipper fixed, but I would rather have never bought them in the first place.
Rachel from Wisconsin wrote (November 20, 2011):
I bought these for my daughter (14 years old). She wore them alot, and at first they were fine. All of a sudden the zipper keeps breaking apart. It has become so frequent that she can no longer wear them.