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Becca from CA wrote (October 15, 2012):
I just recently retired these boots after 5-6 years of good hard wear. I rode and bathed up to 5 horses a day in these boots, and showed in them for years before they started coming apart, and even after that they lasted at least 6 months before a bad fall finally tore them apart. all I ever used to clean them up was water and they always stayed looking great. They offer great support and fit great. They also took little- to no time to break them in. I love these boots! I can't wait to buy another pair.
dont bye
alexic from IA wrote (September 27, 2012):
after the 3rd mouth the rubber part was coming off. do not bye save the money and bye better boots.
Karah from CA wrote (September 23, 2012):
I had these boots for a little over 5 years before I threw them away, the sole had a big hole in them. I rode several horses a day for a while in these. I never even took good care of them since they weren't my expensive show boots. I had no problem with zipper or quality. These are great to use as a schooling pair of boots.
Bad Luck
Charlotte from MD wrote (September 17, 2012):
I bought this boot a while back and loved them! They fit great, felt great, and only took a ride to break in! I liked how they looked and they fit my budget. I had those boots for over a year, but they were unfortunately stolen at a horse show. I decided to order them again and during my first ride, the zipper popped. I had gotten the same sizing as the ones before and they were not at all tight on me. I sent them back to exchange them for another pair, and the same thing happened. Suffice to say, I am looking for a new pair..
ripped after 2 times
sarah from MA wrote (July 28, 2012):
i rode in these boots twice and on the second ride.the boots had ripped on the back under the zipper area and perfect fit because i have a huge calf muscle and a wide foot size 11 foot but they ripped thats my only problem other wise awesome fit and love the feel of them while riding i can tell when my heel needs to come down
April from MA wrote (July 26, 2012):
To start the material was rippled and bunched around the zipper. The boot just made my whole leg look awkward (calf too big, foot too small). I sent them back.
sending mine back!!
horsebabe678 from PA wrote (July 19, 2012):
I bought these boots with a bugdet to be used in the show ring,as these are my first pair of tall boots, I didnnt want to start expensive.I ordered an 8 on accident (i needed a 8.5) but they were just a little tight. I was very disappointed because I ibuy the paddock boots and thats all I buy, and I ride every day! these boots are supper big in the ankle, and being 13, way to big in the calf, and thats with the narrow calf!when I was trying to wear them in a bit they made my ankles bleed!!!! very disappointed, and am sending them back!!!
High hopes ended in disappointment
Alexis from PA wrote (June 26, 2012):
I bought these boots because they fit really well in the store and were already soft and comfy when I bought them, plus the price was within my budget (being a college student paying for myself). I have a wide calf and a very short leg which is hard to find a boot that fits, and these fit great. However, I got them home and the zipper blew out within two weeks. The ankle was big and pinched a lot, and the insert in the shoe itself was worn out before the zipper. I was wearing them daily for schooling and they were great until the zipper and insert issue. I probably will never buy another Saxon boot.
Jess Age 12 from PA wrote (May 14, 2012):
These boots are great for beginners. They break in really fast. It took mine 2 rides to break in. Always order a size bigger with these boots because they will pinch your calf. HAPPY TRAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Disappointing Durability
Jan Blevins from TX wrote (May 12, 2012):
These boots are very soft and comfy, but I had a zipper fail within two weeks. Fixed that, and soon noticed a tear starting in the sole. The "leather" cracked, and within six months the soles were worn through and one heel disintegrated. I wore the boots three-four times a week for schooling, with little walking in them. I will not buy another pair of Saxon boots.
Be Carful!
Labarnash from CA wrote (April 26, 2012):
Be carful when your buying this boot! I bought them and they were great, but i have a synthetic saddle and they were extremly squeeky, and the punched tip riped half-way up the toe.
Worst Boots Ever Made
Caroline from SC wrote (April 22, 2012):
I bought these boots about two years ago and rode in them at my first horse show. I had a Wintec saddle and could not get a grip on my saddle or horse while wearing them. They hurt my ankles to the point where I had bruises and couldn't ride. The only positive about these boots is that they are easy to clean.
Love the boots
Cynthia from TX wrote (March 04, 2012):
I own Ariat paddock boots and half chaps but needed show boots on a budget. These are as comfortable as my Ariats and look as good. The only thing I do not like is the way the leather is cut where the shoe strings are. They do not die the cut parts, so it looks kind of cheap, but no one is going to notice that. Other than that I have broken them in in two rides and about to start showing in them.
Buy Better
Simonne from CA wrote (March 03, 2012):
I bought theese as my first pair of tall boots, for small shows and prcticing in. I wore them FOUR times and the zipper broke! Yeah, they were comfotable and easy to break in, but FOUR time? I mean, come on! If you can afford better, buy better.
Boot love
kfshorsey from NH wrote (March 01, 2012):
I love these boots there soooooooooooo comfy but the only thing i didnt like was that it scratched very very easily. But over all i love them :)
Ok boot, but good for the price.
Leah from IA wrote (February 04, 2012):
I bought these boots the middle of last year and was in love with them. They broke in fast and everyone thought they were way more expensive (one person even thought they were Ariats!) I rode in them a lot and showed with them up until this past October, but started to have issues a few months before my last show. Both the zippers broke, then one broke again, so I asked if i could get that one widened. The seams broke on that boot, but that could have been just faulty fixing. For the price though, this boot can't be beat! If you aren't sure about your calf size, I'd go a size up.
horselady from GA wrote (January 22, 2012):
great boots
Tecla from CO wrote (January 05, 2012):
They are very comfy! i have had 2 pairs. the zipper will break if the shoe is too small (of course) but they are great for the price!!! the leather is very soft and flexible once broken in, which is 1 to 2 rides
LOVE them so much!
Rylee from FL wrote (December 30, 2011):
i bought these because i had the Ladies' Saxon Equi-Leatherâ„¢ Zip Paddock Boot, and loved those, so i decided to try these! and i loved how they looked in general! so i got them for christmas, and they are amazing! they look great, its durable, and comfortable! GREAT for the price! my family of riders are all big fans of these, and saxon products!
Emily from Ohio wrote (October 18, 2011):
This is the second year I bought this boot. I wore the first pair almost daily & honestly wore them out. This is a GREAT boot! Compliments every single time. I have been & will continue to recommend this pair of boots. 10 Stars!