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My favorite boots - Very soft and comfortable.
from MD wrote (February 09, 2012):
I had a factory rep fit these boots; she suggested a size larger than I normally get. I added a Thinline insert and they are perfect! Haven't worn paddock boots since.
Abigail from Georgia wrote (June 01, 2011):
I adore these boots. Nothing at all has gone wrong with them. I got them second hand from a lady who had used them for fox hunting for years. When I wiped the field dirt off them, they looked like new and had no signs of wear at all. I now show in them. Shows for me are an all day event, since I'm competing, then I have to stick around and wait till all my barn buddies' events are finished. I've worn these boots all day at a show, and have gotten no blisters or pain whatsoever. Definately a good boot to go with, and worth the price.
Jen from Massachusetts wrote (December 31, 2010):
I LOVE these boots! I've had them for about 5 years now and they've held up beautifully. So comfortable, I even wear them in winter because I can't stand winter boots after having these on! I would recommend these to anyone as a worth while investment.
Dana from PA wrote (May 23, 2010):
Extremely comfortable boot. However the zippers are sub standard and the company will not stand by its product. Even if you take really good care of them and use them infrequently, plan on spending $125 every time the zipper breaks, which is often. The company reps do not respond. What a shame, because its a comfortable boot.
c davis from tn wrote (October 29, 2009):
I really have enjoyed using these boots for the last couple of years. Comfortable and great leather. However, the hardwear is not as heavy duty as I feel is should be. The zipper pull has broken and the zipper is a quite thin, dainty one that has come off the track. The most dissapointing part is that for the price I would expect a lifetime warranty on hardwear if taken care of properly. I have come up empty handed after numerous attempts to contact the company. If these were $400 boots, I could deal with this, but they were not $400 boots.
C .Williams from Florida wrote (August 22, 2009):
First pair I was fitted for at CHIO in Aachen Germany,were terrific, heavy duty riding time wore them for three years, on my second pair now Love them. From the first moment you put your foot in them there is no pain and no painful "breaking in" process.
trisha hessinger from PA wrote (May 17, 2009):
I have several pair of custom boots and these are by far the most comfortable. They are a softer leather than the typical dressage boot, but they have held up just as well. I highly recommend.
taylor from pa wrote (May 12, 2009):
this was ok, but i dont think theyy are worth the price at all