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Nice, but no speed laces
Backyard Rider from NC wrote (August 30, 2012):
These boots are pretty comfortable, and look like a decent paddock boot. They run a little large, I am normally a 10 and should probably have gotten these in a 9.5 or even 9. HOWEVER...they DO NOT have speed laces. You have to unlace the top then re-lace each time. Customer Service was very helpful and checked, saying that all of these boots lack the speed laces. Just make sure you are aware of that. I was not, as the picture and description had not been updated, but chose to keep them.
Abigail from Georgia wrote (September 03, 2011):
I love these boots, no matter what everyone else says. I usually don't have the patience to break something in, so I just rode in them straight out of the box and they felt fine. They are a little longer than my other boots that are the same size, but after you get use to it, it's nice to have some wiggle room. This will be hard to believe, but I was actually looking for some sort of faux-leather boot, because I'm always washing horses or splashing through puddles, and that ruins real leather. So all-in-all, these are great boots for me.
Anita from Pa wrote (August 14, 2011):
After reading some of the other review, I'm wondering if we're talking about the same boots. I've been wearing these for a couple of months and found them just right. Easy to clean, comfortable. I mean for a $40 price tag they're doing the job.
Amy from TN wrote (May 25, 2011):
These seem fine for the price but I must advise that they run big. I bought a 9.5 and it seemed huge on me. I would order a 1/2 to whole size smaller. I will be returning these for a smaller size.
morgan from NY wrote (April 16, 2011):
These boots crack after a few weeks. Don't get them.
Charlie from Fl wrote (September 10, 2010):
These boots look nice but the plastic for the lace-up boot is very thin, especially around the tongue. They also run rather small and have a narrow fit. Overall I believe these boots feel cheaply made and they are't very comfortable- many rides later and they still haven't broken in yet. Lots of blisters... yay.
kelsey j. from sc wrote (November 12, 2009):
i only ride once a week and these r the crappiest boot ive ever owned! the"leather"stared to peel after my third lesson now there a worn spots all over thses boots i would reccomend for someone who doesnt canter or post a lot
Emily from MN wrote (November 01, 2009):
This boot is awesome! I bought this a couple of months ago and they feel great! If you are a new rider then you should buy these boots. The price is awesome too. If I had to wear these boots all day I would!