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Diane from SC wrote (September 10, 2011):
Just ordered these boots. When zipped the top of the boot is about 1 inch too big...offers no support and the zipper when zipped hurts my leg just by walking. Also no spur support. These are going back.
Hannah from Nh wrote (May 30, 2011):
I help my trainer by riding alot of the horses on our farm. I rode one of the youngsters in these today and they were fairly comfortable. But when I went to fit my spurs for my next ride, I realized they didn't have a spur rest. Just a heads up. I'll be returning them
Kathleen from CT wrote (April 18, 2011):
These are great boots for the money and look alot like the Grand Prix line. I find the foot very comfortable and they are holding up well. Great budget buy!
Ashleigh from GA wrote (October 12, 2010):
These boots are amazing. They really are like a second skin and they are really easy to clean. They look great and are really easy to "break in". They are hard to zip if you have a thick sock(like me). But I can get them on and off in a snap. They aren't hot. I am looking at MH tall boots and I dn't like what I am seeing but these paddok boots are amazing. Bought them at a different store than Dover but I should have goten them here because there I paid the list price. Get them while they are at a good price!
Carmen from NY wrote (May 14, 2010):
Does anyone know how these boots fit in the foot compared to other MH boots? (i.e., do they fit on the wide side for us wide-footed types?)