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Courtney from AL wrote (October 12, 2012):
I just got my boots today threw the mail and they are perfect! they have lots of paddding but not too much. They are not all that hot either. So getting more when I need more!!
Calf runs more narrow than size chart!
Laura from MI wrote (October 04, 2012):
I purchased these to have an all-weather tall boot. I measured my leg (I normally wear a 6 1/2 in a regular shoe) and chose the size 7 which *should* have fit according to the size chart provided. When the boots arrived, I can only get them on with bare legs - NO room for breaches or socks. The foot bed itself is a bit smaller than I expected as well - fine with a thin pair of cotton socks, but if I wanted to wear a warmer pair of socks, there would not be room. On the plus side, these are a nice looking boot for being PVC, and the insulation is comfy and soft. I'm exchanging these for a size 8 in the hopes that the slightly wider calf and next size up in the footbed will make them a keeper! *fingers crossed*
Are They Good For Me?
Courtney from AL wrote (October 01, 2012):
I am just learning to ride english and I need my first pair of boots. I have only taken one lesson but am taking more. So, are these good for me? Are they too hot for all weather?
KelleyAnne from New Hampshire wrote (April 02, 2011):
I've had these boots for over a year now and find that they are handy for when my good leather boots would be in mud...which we've had a lot of this winter. I keep them looking nice with Armorall...and wear them a lot with jeans tucked in...or with a skirt around town, and I've had a few compliments on them! They have been in over the tops a few times in our small pond, but they dry out quickly, and it feels kinda sexy when the water trickles down through them!
Allyssa from OR wrote (July 28, 2010):
I bought similar boots to these in a local tack shop because at the time i needed new boots but didnt have the money for them. They hols up good other than mine have many scratches on them after a year of use. They also dont offer a lot of support and spurs dont fit very well around the ankle with them. But other than that they fit over jeans are warm in the winter, but hot in the summer..
lizzie from nj wrote (June 08, 2010):
these boots are ok for beginners i guess but they have no taper whatsoever, and look a bit sloppy. on the plus side they are VERY easy to take care of.
Siobhan from NY wrote (December 31, 2009):
I really like these boots. they are insulated, the look great like the real boots, but you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on them. =)
masha from ny wrote (September 26, 2009):
the boots are beautiful and not that heavy for rubber boots. the shaft is, however, narrower than i expected from the measurements provided, so it's a bit difficult to get them on if i am wearing anything else but leggings... i ordered a size 8, which turned out to be a 39 european size - no a problem with a thicker sock, but 38 would've been closer to a proper size 8.
Kim from Texas wrote (July 24, 2009):
I really like these boots - great price, and here in Texas when we spend 6 month of the year in the wash rack, it's good to have a "water resisitant" boot - however, the shaft on this latest pair seems narrower than the last pair I bought, and they don't come in wider widths, so, I have had trouble getting these boots on and off, especially if my legs are sweaty.