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n1cholson from CA wrote (April 29, 2009):
At less than half the price of Ariat Cobalt-XR Devon Pro Paddock Boots, don't expect the same quality. The Ovation's have a traditional tongue, while the Devon Pro's have a zipper-attached inside lining. Over time the tongue may shift or droop inside the boot. The Ariat zipper is heavy duty and made of brass or some composite. The Ovation is synthetic (vinyl?) and far less substantial. The Ariat heel appears to be attached via adhesive or perhaps is heat-fused to the boot sole. The Ovation heel is attached by nails. The Ariat features a molded rubberized foot XR cushion with a foam odor-retaining layer. The Ovation has a similar thin shock-absorbing layer. The Ariat has a sewn in pull-tab on the top back of the boot to aid in pulling on while the Ovation has no such feature. The Ovation boots have a "Made in India" sticker on the bottom. The boots are similar in style but the Ariat boots are of superior design and construction.