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Jane from TN wrote (December 29, 2011):
I just got this helmet for christmas and the problem was that i recived a 22 3/8 instead of a 21 7/8 so it was pretty big. i would have had to return it anyway, but the helmet sat VERY high on my head and it wasnt comfortable at all. it might have just been the size, but i didnt like it very much. oh and also, it has a big bow in the back. i couldnt tell by the picture, but now you cant miss it.
ladison from FL wrote (June 07, 2011):
great its awesome but its not sweat repellent but it light weight and saves your head
Ashley from Washington wrote (February 15, 2011):
Great helmet! But I got it yesterday and figured out it was too small and gave me headaches when I put it on even when the dial loosened all the way. Try it on before you buy or you might end up sending it back :)
Laura from Pennsylvania wrote (November 17, 2010):
I was looking for an inexpensive schooling helmet. This one is very comfortable and looks great. I have always liked the Troxel brand and this helmet does not disappoint. Dover's shipping is quick & the customer service is great. I had no trouble with the fit.
Abby from Alabama wrote (October 27, 2010):
Great helmet. Fits well and looks amazing. Have worn it at practice & show and have not had any problems. It does run a little small but is not uncomfortable.
William from Massachusetts wrote (July 29, 2010):
Great product, comfortable/durable. Great price as well. Dover has been great as well with quick shipping. highly recommended
Sandra from Ohio wrote (July 05, 2010):
I really like this helmet. I have owned Victory helmets in the past, and continue with this particular kind as long as they make. Comfort, security, value -- it's all there!
Lori from Montana wrote (April 22, 2010):
I had sent back an IRH helmet, it didn't fit my head right. This one is just perfect and very light and nice looking. Thanks.
Hal from CT wrote (January 21, 2010):
Very comforable helmet, I LOVE IT! Very durable. I've had it for almost 8 months. I drop it soooo many times. It is still looking almost new. The dial on the back fits it to my head. It runs a little bit small though.
Samantha from New York wrote (September 03, 2009):
DO NOT BUY THIS HELMET unless you want all the velvet to start peeling off and even have the shell of the helmet fall off! Terrible Helmet. have owned a troxel helmet bfore i had this one, and the straps broke. i do not suggest getting a troxel helmet. i am planning on getting an irh helmet =]
StrykeAPose from South Carolina wrote (August 20, 2009):
Well i can't say much for this helmet. It is not the LEAST bit confortable, (Comparing it to now having a Charles Owen) It dosen't fit to your head at all, (In other words it sits on top like a concrete block) and it gets dirty very quickly. But when kept very well its an attractive helmet, but not comfy at all.
Kim from OH wrote (August 19, 2009):
Helmet is attractive and a good value for the price. Runs small though.
Muffy from Oregon wrote (June 19, 2009):
Beautiful product but runs small, and seems to be very oval shaped.
Ashley from MN wrote (October 02, 2008):
Best helmet I have ever owned. I event with it (helmet covers) and sorts. I also show in dressage with it. It is a wonderful helmet that is especially good if you are going for that old classic hunter look!