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Overall Rating: 4 Stars
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Rachel from MA wrote (May 05, 2012):
i love this helmet cover. AMAZING!
Erika from Conneticut wrote (July 12, 2011):
this is a greatt helmet cover it fits my helmet perfect (irh helmet)!
Noah the Pony from NE wrote (June 17, 2011):
I LOVE THIS HAT COVER!!! Its sooo cute. I got it in the bubble pattern and its really bright! It definitely makes my black show helmet more interesting and keeps it clean. I just got it today so i don't know, but my only concern is that the sewing could break, because it looks like its pulling a tad... but all in all i love this!
S from CT wrote (August 23, 2010):
i love all the patterns but when mine came then there were a few holes so i had to sew it up. Overall, i love the desgins!
Hannah from Maryland wrote (August 07, 2010):
this helmet cover did not fit my helmet it was way to big!
Lauren from Ka wrote (July 06, 2010):
I LALALOVE this product.. I have the dots and it gives so much color to my BORING White helmet!! I help at horse camp and one little girl wanted to use my helmet because of all the colors. She thought it matched better. Buuut the little girl was only 4!
Misty from Pennsylvania wrote (March 23, 2010):
I love the new Zock helmet covers. They fit my helmet well and are just too fun! I have the Bubbles one for schooling. They would have gotten a 5 if there was an option with a soft brim for my skull cap, but I can make my own brim. I already collect the Zocks socks, I may have to start on the covers too!