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Great helmet!
S from TX wrote (July 10, 2012):
This is a wonderful helmet! It fits me very well, is VERY professional looking, and obviously works. I have fallen off onto my back and slammed my head into the ground, and it didn't even crack. I just dusted it off and it still looks new! I am saving up to buy one for schooling, and I would recommend this to anyone! It's also very ventilated, and keeps my head cool when riding in 100 degree weather.
Love the fit!
Tricia from GA wrote (May 15, 2012):
This helmet is very comfortable, sizing is accurate. I do have a more round face verses oblong if that makes a difference. My hair tucks up nicely in the helmet which is a plus. I would recommend this helmet.
Ana from VA wrote (December 17, 2011):
This is a very good helmet! It comfortably fits on my head, and it has a very professional appearance. I can put my hair up in it for shows without a problem! Great price for the quality, too.