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Love This Helmet!!!!
Kerri from NY wrote (September 27, 2012):
This is the best helmet I have owned. I have had mine for 3 years now and still looks brand new! No tears or rips and it has had quite a time and still counting.
Melanie from NY wrote (September 23, 2012):
Love this helmet!!! It fits perfectly with such a low profile you hardly feel and look like you wearing a helmet. I would recommend this helmet to anyone!! Great quality!!!
sharon... from IA wrote (August 26, 2012):
I love the smooth look of the snap, it doesnt look bulky like regular clips. It forms right to your head after a couple wears and is easy to clean. I wear my all around the barn, not just when I'm riding.
Marina from CT wrote (August 07, 2012):
I LOVE this helmet. I've had it for about 4-5 years now, and has gone through all conditions, snow, rain, and we all can't forget the sweat! I only now am having to think about purchasing a new one, just because the inside padding has shrunk, making it a tad big for my head now. Still rideable. It looks pretty much still like new, no fraying or ripping, and still very black. AND I ride for 5-6 hours EVERY day. I highly recommend this helmet.
Charles Owen GR8 Riding Cap
Abram Sukarto-Muljana from NY wrote (June 21, 2012):
I noticed that all other reviewer were women. This riding cap actually works amazingly too on guys who does cross country riding. The GR8 model is sleek, light and has one of the best closure mechanism. It secure tightly, yet gentle on your jaws. The matte crushed velvet finish makes it look classy yet easy to clean and far from being "prissy looking". Also, because of the shape of the peak, you won't get water on your face if you get rained on while riding.
Emily from SC wrote (April 20, 2012):
I had looked forever to find a helmet that didn't make my head look huge. I got my GR8 about 3 years ago and still love it. It has a great low profile so it does not look big on me. It cleans well and has held up very well. Recommend to anyone.
Love it.
Kristen from MA wrote (March 05, 2012):
I bought my GR8 almost 4 years ago and I still love it. It cleans up really easily and has a much lower profile than the hunt cap shape that many classic helmets have. I love the styling on Charles Owen's much more than some of the other brands, so I'll definitely be buying another one of these!
Best helmet I've ever owned.
Lindsay Norwick from TX wrote (February 02, 2012):
I bought a GR8 almost four years ago and I still love it! I love the stock colors it comes in, it stands out without the added cost of having custom colors. The fit is spectacular and quality is second to none. When it comes time to buy a new helmet, I will definitely be going with the GR8 again.
the best
Rebecca.J from ON wrote (February 01, 2012):
i love this helmet and looks great in the show ring
Gr8 Helmet!!
Jennyfromdabarn from PA wrote (January 05, 2012):
This is a very comfortable and face flattering helmet. Its easy to keep clean and looks very polished. Would def recommend
Nora from Oregon wrote (November 01, 2011):
I love this helmet, so comfy and classy, but it can get a little hot. but very flattering and light as air