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don't buy it
Mac from FL wrote (August 14, 2012):
the first time i fell off with this helmet it broke and it has never been the same. just spend the money for a nicer one because it will be worth it later
Good Beginner/Practice Helmet
Charlotte from NC wrote (July 01, 2012):
This is a good helmet. I have it in the blue antiquus (I don't see it here, though) and it is my practice helmet. It has pretty good ventilation (at least, better than my Charles Owen show helmet). It is a pretty helmet, too, it's my favorite color! The downsides are that it can be uncomfortable on my head and occasionally gives me headaches when I wear it too tight. (But I wear a 7 and a half in C.O. helmets and I think I have a large/XL). It leaves a helmet mark on my head after riding, and my helmet is checked for secureness before I ride. I guess it is an OK helmet for practicing, but I think I will try to find a different one when this one gets too small.
rebecca from ga wrote (November 12, 2011):
My first Helmet was a Troxel, much like this design. It had held up well for many of years, but it scratched easily and during the summers ventilation was definately an issue. My face looked like a strawberry when I got done riding :0) I've read comments about it being il-fitting, but mine fit me perfectly and never gave me any sores.