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only breeches i will ever ware
Anastasia from MA wrote (July 19, 2012):
I had purchased these pants when they were on sale last year and loved them, comfortable, breathable, and fit like a glove. However, I didn't realize how much i adored them until today when I tried on every pair of pants in the store that was under $100 and was unsatisfied. None of them fit me well or felt as good as these did. Thankfully after 3 hours of trying on every single solitary pair of pants my dad gave in the the 159 price tag....they are well worth the money. I now know that these are the only pants i will ever ware again. Also the large waistband is SOOO flattering.
Great Breeches!
Brooke from GA wrote (June 09, 2012):
Just got these and they are fantastic. I'm not gonna lie, I've been drooling over all TS breeches in general for a while and am very happy to have bought some. Very flattering and though the fabric seems really odd and stiff on the hanger, it is very comfortable and extremly professional when you put it on. All in all, excellent!
Great fit
Jane from WA wrote (January 19, 2012):
These fit me better than any other breeches. They are true to size (unlike Ariat which runs huge, these fit actual waist measurement). I wear a 26R which is my true size. I am so pleased with how great these wash and wear. I also wore them in 90 degree heat and 50 degree weather and they were great in both temperatures. They look great, fit great and the material is great for sports & recovers well. Good for people with slim legs.
lyndsey smith from massachusetts wrote (August 30, 2011):
i love these pants so much! i am tall and thin, and i have an awful time trying to find pants that fit me correctly. these fit me like a glove and are very comfortable to ride in, and have held up for the past year that ive had them. they are deffinately worth the price
Sasha from CA wrote (August 11, 2011):
best breeches ever! Totally fitted and make you look slimmer without being baggy. The superior lose rise cut hits mid-dropped waist. Great quality!
Miranda from North Carolina wrote (May 09, 2011):
My daughter has LONG legs, TINY Waist, no rear end, and short rise - these are the ONLY breeches that fit her! Just too bad Dover doesn't carry her size (22) - had to buy somewhere else....
Linda McL from California wrote (April 27, 2011):
I'm withholding a 5-star rating until I receive a different size. I ordered these breeches in a 26L, as that's what size I wear in Ariat. Despite the breeches being advertised as "signature relaxed fit," I could barely get up the zipper! I'm exchanging them for a 28L and we'll see how that goes. They're beautiful but fit very, very tight!