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Just Horrible
Mary from MI wrote (September 21, 2012):
I bought these because the zipper on my other chaps broke. I figured that Ariat seemed to be a good, reliable brand... boy, I was wrong! The leather is like cardboard, and the suede or whatever "grip" is on the inside isn't grippy at all. My leg slid so much in these, at one point my riding instructor took them off. The Zocks I had beneath them had more grip than the chaps did! I put a huge amount of sticky spray on them, and the chaps just wouldn't let me grip at all. They're worse quality than the $25 pair of chaps I ended up buying. DO NOT BUY.
Awful..Just Awful
Dana Alley - Hobby Rider from MO wrote (September 05, 2012):
Likes: I thought the quality of leather was great. They fit/conform to your leg more like a tall boot (at least mine do). Dislikes: Pretty much everything else! While the zipper is durable, there is NO snap at the bottom of the chap, so the zipper comes un-done as you walk around and ride, causing the whole chap to slip down your leg a bit. Also, the fabric inside SEEMS like a good idea, until you ride in them for a a while and it starts to pill and gather hay, which pricks me in the leg. Not to comfortable! It turns to a 'felt' type feel, and its hard to clean off. You just can't 'brush' off the debris. Very disappointed in theses, as I'm a budget rider and I cashed out quite a bit of dough.
CHEAP & FLIMSY: Made in China!
Deb from CA wrote (September 03, 2012):
I have worn Ariat Half Chaps for the past 15 years (when there was only one kind!). I bought these to try and couldn't believe the cardboard leather--not to mention the sizing is WAY off. I've worn mediums and had to get a large because they are so cheaply made! Buyer beware---you get what you pay for! I can't believe how many people rave about this product....
Love 'em
Rodney from NY wrote (July 04, 2012):
I have had these half-chaps for a few weeks now and I love them. They are VERY snug and I like that. I'm sure that, over time, they will become even more comfortable, as they break in. Others have had bad experiences with these chaps. So far, so good with me...
Brooke from VA wrote (March 10, 2012):
i bought these 4 months ago and they STILL havent broken in. I have worn these everyother day as i ride. The zipper is about to rip off and the so called "leather" is very cheap and stiff. The chap actually almost came off when i rode, it came up about half way. SO NOT WORTH IT!!
Dont buy!
Kels from NY wrote (December 28, 2011):
Don't be fooled by the Ariat name brand..just received these in the mail and they are very poor quality. Sending them right back, leather looks and feels like plastic and the zipper is cheap..not even giving thm a chance to ride with, uncomfortable to even walk in
kaitlyn from florida wrote (July 23, 2011):
Mary from Virginia wrote (July 01, 2011):
These half chaps look really ugly and wouldn't be a good buy. In the back they are streachy (Not leather) and in front they are leather and the zipper gets stuck a lot and is very visiable. I would not buy these.
Kayla from Texas wrote (June 26, 2011):
So comfortable! The inside is very soft, you could even wear with shorts if you wanted. I would rate 5* but they run a bit tall. I love the super durable zipper that put up with me trying to get them on with my calves that are just a bit bigger than the size. Other than that they are great!
Hannah from CA wrote (August 02, 2010):
This is a great half chap for someone who doesn't ride that much. I got them two years ago when I wasn't showing as much. This year when show season started and I was riding 4-5 days a week the sued started ripping at the seam. If you are riding 1-3 times a week these are the perfect chap, but if you anymore than that don't get these chaps.
laurell from california wrote (July 21, 2010):
I work at a barn, and my boots and half chaps go through a lot of abuse. I bought these becasue I wouldn't feel bad scuffing them up, but I got what I payed for. Both my zippers would open up as I walked around, and one half chap fell off while riding. one of the sued panels had a hole in it within the first couple months, and the other started to tear away completely from the leather. I ended up having more duct tape than half chap on, trying to make them last as long as possible. I fyou ride once a week, or are fairly new, these will work for you. But anyone who rides often should look somewhere else.
Hunter.Jumper.Gal from Utah wrote (July 15, 2010):
I have had the same pair of these chaps for quite a while. They are very comfortable and look nice on the leg. Great product for the price! I definitely recommend these half chaps for someone looking for a cheap but nice looking chap.
Riding.Rookie from Georgia wrote (June 09, 2010):
I'm a horseback riding rookie. I bought these half-chaps to go with the Ariat Heritage III Zip Boots. So far, this combination is working very well. My calf muscles are a bit muscular, so these fit tightly in the middle, but somewhat loose at the top. I do like these chaps, and would have given it a 5-star rating if the fit was better. Please keep in mind though that everyone is built different some people have skinny calf, and these would be perfect for those. I followed the measuring guidelines and these are the closest size I could get for my combination of calf girth and height. I may try the Ariat All-Around III model the next time I get half-chaps. I take riding lessons at a boarding facility in south Georgia. This is a popular combination around these parts.
Katie Byrne from Virginia wrote (May 29, 2010):
Overall I love these half chaps! They are a great price but after a few months, the zippers would zip up while riding. I once went riding and one of my chaps fell off. But Ariat half chaps are the best :)
A. Stephens from Georgia wrote (March 05, 2010):
THese a wonderful 1/2 chaps! Quality and price are great. THey have suede on the inside of the legs. Definetly recommend them!
Trevor from TX wrote (February 20, 2010):
These half chaps are great. They are excellent for schooling and to work in. Now I can't wait to get the Ariat tall boots.
Madi from WV wrote (January 24, 2010):
i absolutley love these chaps, they are super easy to clean, and look great when schooling. The fit of them is just wonderfil and they are so good looking/fitting my trainer said "now madi, only if we could get you tall boots that looked that great"
Megan from Maryland wrote (January 03, 2010):
I love this chaps sooo much! The first time i rode in them, they were not stif like some chaps you get. They fit very well and the price is great! I would recommend them for any rider!
Nina from New Jersey wrote (December 18, 2009):
These chaps are very nice and I would recommend them to anyone who has a long leg and a slim calf. They broke in very nicely and the leather stays the same for about a year. My only complaint is that after about 6 or 7 months, the zipper started to slide up when I rode and I had to constantly zip it back down
Louise from Oregon wrote (December 05, 2009):
These are a fantastic value half chap for the price. Super durable, will last for years, and very easy to zip up. I bought mine a little small and they stretched out to perfect size. A little gap up by the knee, but that's okay for schooling. My main problem with them is that the zipper (although I really like how big and durable it is) interferes with spur placement. I've remedied this by unzipping the zipper partway, and it is fine. However I would still recommend these half chaps. Great value, and very very durable.
Emily from Virginia wrote (November 15, 2009):
I love these half chaps! They break in very nicely and you can wear them with jeans or breeches and they look very professional. The zipper is amazing. It's huge and it zips down so it is very easy to get these suckers off and on. They are not hot either! I wore them around the barn all the time in the summer. 5 stars!
Shidney from a place wrote (October 08, 2009):
I am not shue wheather i like these or not.. I think their fine.
Emily from West Virginia wrote (July 16, 2009):
I LOVE these half chaps! They are by far the best half chaps I have ever owned. They are very easy to zip up because the zipper is big and VERY durable! They break in really easily and they look very nice too! I recommend these to everyone!!