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Noah the Pony from NE wrote (July 10, 2011):
Really comfy :)
anonymous from NJ wrote (July 10, 2011):
I'm 12 and I love these pants. They are super comfortable and the fabric is not irritating at all. I got my pants in the color "cashmere blue", I also bought these in the actual store. Although, what I don't really like about the pants is that the patch of fabric by your knees, is the color purple, not blue. All of the other colors are the same. Like tan with tan and purple with purple. Other than that, these pants are great for the price and are wonderful!
Sarah from FL wrote (January 01, 2011):
I love these breeches! I'm 14 years old so i got the size 16 and they fit great, so soft too. I love the little horses running across the back. The knee patches are where they should be and i have super long legs. Would recommend to anyone