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Tuff Rider Breeches
Ellie from CA wrote (March 05, 2012):
For those of you that complain about stitching coming out. I train, coach and show and am in Breeches 7 days a week. Some more expensive for show, but these less expensive Tuff Rider Breeches for training and coaching and also a back up pair in the trailer for shows. I have found that they hold up great. you may want to try getting a larger size. Anything fabric and thread that is constantly being stretched is going to come apart. before you write these off try going up a size, no one knows what size they are, and they always look better when they are not really tight. Another tip, hanging your breeches to dry will make them last longer, as with all your clothes.
My favorite breeches
Jessie from NV wrote (January 16, 2012):
These breeches have held up amazingly well in the year that I have owned them. A more expensive pair that I had wore out a lot faster than these. These TuffRider breeches are comfortable, flattering and the full seat is great! I highly recommend these for schooling if you don't want to spend a fortune!
Chris M. Customer Service from MA wrote (January 03, 2012):
Thank you for your reviews both positive and less than positive experiences with these breeches. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, money back any time, any reason. We stand behind the quality of our products. You can send those back for an exchange or a refund if you would like. Please give us a call at 1-800-989-1500 or email us at
MR from PA wrote (September 01, 2011):
I have in the past had good luck with Tough Rider, but these were the exception. After 3 washes the seat material became shredded and there was a large hole in the seat. Would not recommend.
Stephie from Massachusetts wrote (May 23, 2011):
I have three pairs of these breeches and have never had a problem with them. I find the waist very comfortable because I have wide hips. I did have a problem with the taupe or light tan being see through. They seem to hold up well for the price in my opinion.
jackieE from NY wrote (November 29, 2010):
These are the worst breeches i have ever bought. I got them in May and six month later, the full seat was completely worn off - i did not realized it could happen so fast and so dramatically... I almost left for the barn with everyone looking at my panties !!
Gina from California wrote (November 16, 2010):
I was buying a pair of white breeches for dressage and found these very tight around my legs and normal at the waist. Since they were so tight on my wide legs, they were very see-through, maybe going a size up or two might make it less revealing. I'm 5'2" and the length of the regular size worked fine for me. I'm returning them for a different breech since I didn't realize they were ribbed until I received them.
Meredith from WA wrote (August 22, 2010):
I would not recommend these. I found them to be a very awkward size, being too tight in the leg, and too big at the waist. I also found the lighter colors to be somewhat see-through. I have worn Tuff Rider breeches for years, and never had this problem with their pull-on breeches, but always with the other ones.
Marianne from CA wrote (August 11, 2010):
I don't recommend these breeches. They are tempting because they are inexpensive, but they do not hold up in the wash, pilling soon after, and they are made of a slick fabric, very nylon-ish, that I dislike. Keep looking!
Ellen H from WA wrote (July 05, 2010):
I love these pants - they run a bit small, but other than that, they're great. Love the low waistband.
Kortney from Florida wrote (April 30, 2010):
these are very good quality for the price. I bought white and they are great. Great for the price.
Barbara Hanus from IL wrote (April 24, 2010):
I ordered these in 28L and they were way to small - not sure if they were marked incorrectly as I don't see this complaint listed. Really disappointed - waited since they were on back order - fabric looked nice though.
Jenny Sturm from FL wrote (April 09, 2010):
I have worn these breeches for a very long time and i love them, you can wash them. I love the fact they are low waisted, considering I am very short it is a blessing. They are very comfortable and I have pairs that I have owned for five years and have worn on a regular basis.
Stephanie from TX wrote (April 02, 2010):
These breeches are the best...I have 4 pairs, and they all wash well, wear well, and are the most comfortable breech out there! Being shorter wasted, the low rise style fits me perfectly, without being "too low". I teach, ride, train, and coach, and I've put these breeches through the ringer. They hold up to everyday stresses at the barn. Love them!
Alaina from Ill wrote (March 29, 2010):
I love these breeches. they are couphy and i love the side pocket!
Caroline from IL wrote (February 12, 2010):
I love these breeches! They're a great value for the money, as I think they wear just as well as more expensive ones do. I wash them probably once a week and they wash and wear well. Would definitely buy another pair!
Marie from nc wrote (October 21, 2009):
We ordered white but they are not white..more of off white to tan color. They are thin which can be a problem if they are white. Can see through. Lastly, somehow I missed that they were ribbed. Did not want this. Afraid I will be sending them back.
Kylie from CA wrote (September 23, 2009):
LOVE THESE!! My favorite, only breeches I go to, better then Tailored Sportsman or anything else super expensive in my opinion! I have a pair I've been wearin g and washing AT LEAST once a week for 5 years!! There hasn't even been a hole, a little stitching came undone on the side once but easy to fix, my favorite! Recommended to everyone! Strong, stretchy, durable, comfy! Ribbed version is the best! Great grip!
Jimena Carballo from Costa Rica wrote (August 15, 2009):
love them!! they are fress, tough, and comfortable! they are my favorite!
Kathryn from NH wrote (June 18, 2009):
I love these breeches! These are the only brand I buy now, they are so comfortable and durable, they last forever! I disagree with some of the other reviews, I have never had a problem with mine shrinking in the dryer and the material is the perfect stretch! Love these pants!!
Meg from AL wrote (May 06, 2009):
I had a couple pair of these breeches that I'd bought a few years ago, but these fit smaller than the old ones--maybe the company has switched to a less stretchy fabric??
Lisa from Florida wrote (March 05, 2009):
These breeches are the best! They are durable, comfortable, and look great!
Bridget from Kansas wrote (February 16, 2009):
I love these breeches! I ordered three pairs all in the same color of tan. Great color; great fit. I had all my riding buddies buy a pair and they love them too.
Rebecca from VA wrote (January 24, 2009):
I love these breeches - they fit me very well and the colors look nice. The ribbed material holds very well - no baggy knees and these retain their shape, but are still very stretchy. I have these in several colors and the material also retains the color excellently - I have washed and dried some of mine for over a year and they still look good. The fullseat adds additional grip in the saddle. These are a great value - highly recommend.
Kris from IL wrote (September 25, 2008):
I LOVE these breeches! The ribbed material is great for comfort and they're a very good quality. The low rise fit is more comfortable to me than the regular rise. I disagree with one of the other reviewers-I've washed and dried these several times (the white version, and they hold up great even after being washed), and I've never had a problem with them shrinking in the dryer.
Jenny from Kentucky wrote (August 28, 2008):
These breeches are awesome!! I really recommend this ribbed version of the tuff rider (I also own the aerocool version and do not like them as much). They are really comfortable and durable, and grip the saddle well. The ribbed fabric makes it very easy to keep clean, and they wash very well. I do not recommend drying them. I have ordered three of the exact pair because I like them that much!
Beth from NH wrote (August 17, 2008):
I would not recomend these pants to anybody. First of all they shunk in the waist when I dried them. 2nd they aren't very strechty. 3rd the stiching comes undone easy in the waist if you wear these pants a lot. Over all I just wouldn't buy these pants again.