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Madds from VA wrote (October 07, 2012):
I totally love these jods! I show in them, I school in them, and they are soooooo comfy! I am extremely happy with them, and I would reccomend these to anyone on the horse circuit. They are cool in the summer, warm in the winter and so soft, even after tons of washing! LOVE, LOVE, LOve them so much:P
I Love These
Lexie from VA wrote (September 16, 2012):
Best riding pants ever!!!! They are not stiff when you get them. They come in fun colors. These are my favorite riding pants ever!!!!
I love these breeches!!!
Grace from ME wrote (August 13, 2012):
I got my first pair of these breeches used and I absolutely loved them! Since those breeches I have purchased three more pairs! They keep you super cool in the summer, they are really breathable, and they have an awesome, tight fit. I LOVE these breeches!!
Anonymous from RI wrote (July 27, 2012):
Got these for summer riding, very lightweight material and keeps you nice and cool even on the warmest days. Also, against my better judgement because I thought they would get really dirty, I bought the lightest color pair they had. Well, I was so wrong. Two days after I bought these I was sitting on a bench drinking a big bottle of gatorade with my horse next to me, when he decided to try and hit the gatorade out of my hands! And instead of going on the ground, it got all over me. It was dark purple gatorade, and I was sure my pants were going to be stained. NOT! There wasn't a single stain on them! Best riding pants I've ever had!
Overall Great Breeches!
Becky from KY wrote (July 25, 2012):
These breeches are ideal for summer and hot weather because of their thickness. They keep you cool and fit well, too.
Awesome breeches for warm weather!!
Chrissy from MA wrote (June 19, 2012):
I bought these breeches because I wanted to buy some for the warm weather. I tried them on and imediatly loved them. They are super strecthy, and come in awesome colors! I got the 'dewberry houndstooth' color. Again, best breeches, for warm weather!!
Kelly Nicholls, Director of Merchandising, Dover Saddlery from MA wrote (June 14, 2012):
My daughter only wears Kerrits tights to school in. They fit great and are very comfortable. They wash very well and she outgrows them opposed to having to replace them due to quality. These tights are also a cooler option than the traditional jodphur in the warmer months.
Annie from SC wrote (June 13, 2012):
I absolutely LOVE this product. It is well made and holds together much better than my pair of irideon topline tights. I would definitely recommend this to a friend.
Amy from AR wrote (May 30, 2012):
I bought these for summer because I wanted to have breathable breeches when it's really hot out and I love them so far so hopefully they'll hold up for a long time.
from VA wrote (May 28, 2012):
I like these a lot for summer, they are very cool and comfortable, and I love the colors and patterns they come in. The only thing is I really wish they had belt loops so they could look more professional.
Kelly from jfldfj wrote (November 09, 2011):
I love these pants! They are very breathable and fit like a glove.
Jessie from NY wrote (November 09, 2011):
I love these pants! They are very breathable and fit like a glove.