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Love them!!! But had some issues
Southern Dressage Rider from TN wrote (September 07, 2012):
I love these Breeches from the moment I put them on. They were so comfortable!!! I never got any of the rubs like some of the other users. But I live in the south and it is humid and hot and you get very sweaty.... No matter what! I rode in them twice and the stitching started coming undone.. It never became a hole but it was undone... Then after a few more rides it got holes in the but where my seat bones are! And I am by no mean a super skinny girl... I am not sure if it was from lack of washing or to much washing...... Or to much seating for that matter... but I do love these breeches and I will buy another pair.
hate the griptech
Aruna from TX wrote (September 04, 2012):
I should have listened to the other reviews. I bought these pants and loved the fit and even the look, just can't stand whatever material they use for the full seat part. The griptech is first of all so noisy I feel like I belong in Michael Jackson thriller video every time I walk. I also don't like that it has too much stick and no give when you're riding, it doesn't allow for freedom of movement and there is no inner lining on the griptech so it is especially not breathable and legs get sweaty where the full seat is. These are not pants I recommend for summer riding at all or ever.
Charolette from CA wrote (September 02, 2012):
I wanted to gives these a 4 1/2 because they have one big thing I do not like about them. THEY ARE HOT. They will be perfect for the winter, but for our summers I sweat so much under the "full seat" part, you cant see it, but you can feel it, and it isnt the most pleasant feeling, BUT overall I like these, I like the look the fit... they are not very thick, so they will be a good fall/spring, and winter (with tights under them breeches, just get to hot in the summer!
the worst saddle rubs I've ever had
Jackson's mom from FL wrote (August 26, 2012):
One cross country course in competition and I have terrible saddle rubs. Too much fabric bunching around the knees. I love the knee patch Kerrits tights and will stick with those.
My dream come true!
Sarah from VA wrote (August 20, 2012):
I got my first pair towards the end of May for my birthday and I have truly put them to the test. I trail ride, sport, and work in them. First of all, every smear or bit of dust will disappear with a swipe of my hand. Liquids practically evaporate immediately off of them. But most importantly, the stick to the saddle is a perfect ratio for anyone sporting or just showing flat. I do both and I'm very happy with the support. I haven't had issues with the thigh strap rubbing, they've held through washes, and overall-I just can't complain. I definitely will be buying tons more Kerrits products!
I wear them everyday !
Claire Anderson from CA wrote (August 13, 2012):
Definitely my favorite riding pants, I wear them everyday as well as the channel rib version. Great in the California heat, they look awesome and last long. Extremely comfortable. Wish them made them in many more colors.
Delanee B. from CA wrote (August 05, 2012):
I bought these because I needed a pair of full seat summer breeches in the 100+ degree heat. I love them! Super comfy and grippy - GREAT for schooling the greenies over fences and spookier horses. They keep me 10x cooler than my other breeches. I just wish the seat was lined, as the roughness of the perforated seat was irritating at first - but it went away with a few washings.
HsH from FL wrote (May 27, 2012):
I ordered a medium based on the review on them running large, I think they ran small as I will need to exchange for a large, other than that they seem comfy.
Molly from NC wrote (September 24, 2011):
These are my favorite riding pants ever! They are comfortable and not hot. They also keep me really secure in the saddle! They have a convenient side pocket perfect for phones, or a carrot. :) I got the tan pair with the black full seat and all my friends are jealous of how awesome they look ;) (unfortunately I don't think that style is made anymore, at least I can't find it) Highly recommend these pants, I wish I could have a pair in every color!
Kelley Jo from CA wrote (August 31, 2011):
I like these but wish I had ordered a medium instead of the large. The seat feels a little diaper like, baggy. I am normally a size 12. Not sure if they ran big for anyone else. My next pair will be a size medium in tan. I ordered the charcoal and they get pretty dusty fast in the arena with ground work.
Karen from MD wrote (July 09, 2011):
Very nice, good fit for the price. Tights stayed cool and dry in our humid weather. One problem-Rode in them once with just paddock boots and the seam on the calf rubbed my leg raw :( Probably wouldn't be a problem in someone shorter (I'm 5'9") because the seam would be lower on the calf.
Yvonne from Alabama wrote (July 07, 2011):
Just rode in these brand new tights. I'm 5'8". short waisted, long hips, long legs. So therefore, these breeches/tights fit a little short from waist to crotch. And seemed to slide down easily. I understand they are low cut, however, a bit too low for me. Leg length was long enough. After I began to sweat in this southern heat they stayed very cool and also stayed in place much better than the traditional breeches that I'm accostumed to wearing. I will buy another pair or more, but a L instead of M just for the length in the hips.
Rose from MI wrote (May 31, 2011):
Today was My first time riding in these.And I LOVE them they are very comfortable and I keep hearing people say you look so good in your breaches. It was 92 degrees and my legs were not swetting.
maiana from Ohio wrote (May 14, 2011):
very light and good for warm weather< before my 1 lesson with them they had come unstiched in the leg...good overall would buy more pairs.
Susan from Virginia wrote (May 10, 2011):
These are the most comfortable light weight breathable full seat breeches I have ever ridden in. Great for the hot humid days of riding in VA. Minimal sweating for a full seat breech, and their shape holds up with no sagging. I would like a pair for every day of the week, and would love to see more color choices in the full seat style.
Paula from SC wrote (March 14, 2011):
Though these tights are extremely comfortable, before I left the house to ride in them after buying, they had become unstitched in two places. So disappointing for the price.
Alexa from NM wrote (September 13, 2010):
These are perfect for the warm weather and they hold up nicley in the wash with no fadeing. The seat has just enough grip!! I will be buying more
Han from NH wrote (August 26, 2010):
Very comfortable, fit great, just enough grip when in the saddle, great ventilation!
Kerry from TX wrote (August 04, 2010):
These are nice quality breeches. They fit great and the fabric weight is excellent. The drawback is the horizontal seam that goes across the top of the back of the leg. The seam rubbed me raw and caused me to get saddle sores. I have two pairs and can't wear them unless it's a non-riding day. A shame because I like the breeches.
Kerri from NC wrote (July 16, 2010):
These are so much cooler than regular breeches. I've worn them in the rain and they were great; they dried quickly and kept me from slipping in the saddle, even while jumping and sitting the trot. I am glad that I got the medium instead of the small, because they do fit snugly. I will have to get another pair, because these are the only breeches I want to school in now!
kim from nc wrote (April 23, 2010):
love them!so comfy and light..and cool for the sweaty summer.with good sticky seat. i love the way these feel..i got afew pairs when they were on sale which was a great price.I have found that riding&working in them all day,most probably a bit pair started to get small holes near some seams..however still love them and will buy more.
Jamie from FL wrote (April 14, 2010):
A must have when jumping; huge help in keeping contact with the saddle and has great ventilation which comes in handy on hot days here in FL. Would recommend highly - I love them.