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Worth the price because they last FOREVER
Patricia Nesto Buyer Dover Saddlery from MA wrote (May 18, 2012):
I have 2 pairs of Ciaras that are a few years old and have probably been washed at least 100 times each. They still look great and haven't pilled or stretched at all- even in the knees and waist. The fabric stays comfortable all day - even when its hot. I dont have any other breeches that have held up as well or lasted as long as these. Love the fit too- it's the perfect combo of tailored without being too tight.
Nichole from BDA wrote (August 13, 2011):
theres are the best breeches i have ever owned! so comfortable and they look amazing on! i have had mine for a couple years now and they still look like new! everyone needs to try these!
Jennifer from CA wrote (May 25, 2011):
The way everyone RAVES about these breeches, I had to get a pair. I bought them in Safari, the classic showing color, and also bought them a size down because they run a little baggy in the front. They are supposedly stain proof and wash-up nicely, well I wore them for the first time yesterday and they already have stains on the knee patches and butt. My $50 pair of breeches never stain!
Masyn from Florida wrote (January 11, 2011):
i loveee these!! i have 4 pairs and i love them so much!! they are the best breeches i have ever had. i used to show and ride in tailored sportsmans, but then i got some of these a couple years ago, and i refuse to show in anything else!!!! these are so comfy and soo professional looking! i love them! seriously, get them!! :D
Lilamaye from CA wrote (December 14, 2010):
The best. Worth every penny. I ride 6 days a week and machine wash my 3 pairs multiple times each week. They still look fantastic, no fading or stretching.
Ellen Lee from OH wrote (July 09, 2010):
When my daughter asked me how I liked the new breeches I had bought for her, I commented that they were fine and pretty much looked like all her other breeches. She informed me that while they didn't look that much different, that they felt fantastic! She is thrilled with them. Glad we invested in them. Do note that you may have to go up a size from the most popular American brand.
Christy from SC wrote (August 13, 2009):
Excellent Breech! Great fabric that breathes well and repels dirt and stains. Knee patch material is so soft and the patch is large and well positioned. The waist height, pockets, and hook closures are perfect. Well worth the money!!!!
lda from ma wrote (June 21, 2009):
I love these britches. I bought my first pair a year ago and won't ride in anything else. I like the low rise fit because it's not too low and sits on my hips well. I alternate two pair of schooling britches and show in the third. When I have to show in another brand, I hate it! They all still look brand new. They are machine washable too!
Er?ne from California wrote (May 07, 2009):
I absolutely love these breeches. They are soooo comfortable, excellent quality and the just sit right on my hips which is hard to come by. I never have to hike them up or pull them down. They are spendy but you only need one pair.
Meghann Murphy from GA wrote (February 06, 2009):
Jen from CA wrote (August 20, 2008):
gorgeous,flattering, and the most comfortable breeches I've ever worn