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Overall Rating: 5 Stars
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Maddie from VA wrote (March 18, 2012):
These breeches are amazing and comfortable. I have worn them multiple times for a couple months and definitely worth the price. If you have complaints about them they do come fairly short, I agree. I have also gotten used to the velcro at the bottom. They are super durable and would recommend them to anyone.
Jessica from New York wrote (September 13, 2011):
I love these breeches. Just be sure to buy it a size big because they come very short because they are meant for tall boots. but they are very comfy.
Katie from Iawa wrote (September 01, 2011):
These breeches are very nice. Just make sure to order one size above your normal size if your curret breeches are not 'full seat' breeches because with the full seat it makes them have less give. Over all very well made and good for the price. :)
Rianna from MA wrote (May 17, 2011):
Super comfy, I bought them for myself. They have sort of an ultru-gripp to the saddle. I'll keep buying them over and over.
Charlotte from Colorado wrote (April 23, 2011):
My daughter loves this pair of breeches. She is outgrowing her current pair and they have worn well with many washings. I wish they were available in more colors.
Kiki from IN wrote (September 04, 2010):
I bought these pants for my 12 year old daughter, and she loved them! She said they were super comfy and she would buy this pair of pants over and over again!