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This works great!
Becky L. Moore from TX wrote (July 31, 2012):
I use this on everything and my tack feels like new! I love it !!!!!!!!!!!
maureen from washington wrote (July 07, 2011):
This is the best cleansing gentle cream I have found. I use it on my Tad Coffin Saddle as well as boots, bridles etc. No gumming like with glycerin products. Gentle and nourishing. Five star
Nicole from New York wrote (April 21, 2011):
I love this stuff! It keeps my saddle and leathers soft and pliable, but don't over-do it, because it makes the leather slightly sticky.Highly recommend Effax!
Makayla from TN wrote (March 18, 2011):
Great for conditioning, but does make tack slightly sticky, if you don't buff it a little with a clean cloth afterwards. Loved this stuff!!! Cut my tack cleaning time in half!! Used on a Passier GG dressage saddle, so it is good quality enough to use on the really nice saddles :) Used to use all the Passier cleaning and conditioning stuff, but this does the same job just as good, only taking about 30 minutes to do the saddle, whereas the Passier took me hours. Great product!
Shawna from Canada wrote (March 17, 2011):
This product works ok, but it sure doesn't last! I prefer the Effax leather soap in the tub.
Melissa from New York wrote (January 25, 2011):
I love all effax products!!! effax is the only thing i use on my tack and i love it! it makes your tack look awsome! it makes it clean and conditioned! i strongly reccomend all effax products!
Kim from Wisconsin wrote (April 27, 2009):
This is a very good conditioning soap. The other reviewer tried to clean tack with it, which is NOT what saddle soap is meant for. The proper way is to clean-condition-protect. I clean my tack with warm water, then apply this soap with a DRY sponge as directed and my tack is left soft and beautifully conditioned. My bridle, saddle, etc. need to conditioned with a separate conditioner (Lexol, Leather Therapy, so on) much less since using Effax Soap.
Jennifer from AE wrote (November 16, 2008):
I live in Germany where this is one of the few choices of saddle soaps to buy in most tack stores. I advise you save you pennies and buy something like Horseman's Onestep! This product makes your tack sticky so it collects more dirt and it leaves a white residue on leathers with any stitches or surfaces with the slightest texture. Futhermore, it does not clean dirt off tack, even with water added for a soapy sponge. You will also need a separate leather conditioner once you manage to get this product off of your tack. The other two liquid Effax leather cleaners sold here work much better!