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Overall Rating: 4 Stars
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Sarah from Alaska wrote (September 08, 2010):
This is an awesome product - it makes cleaning the barn so much easier. I must say I'm surprised anyone had trouble or issues with the kickstand - it is super easy to use and REALLY handy! All around a great tool!
Spenc from West Virginia wrote (August 07, 2010):
Awesome cart! Had to get use to the kick stand, but once you ignore it and let it work, it is great. It folds and fits into the trailer, and very easy to use. Love it!
Julia from Wisconsin wrote (December 02, 2009):
I just bought one of these, and it is great so far. Feels super sturdy and folds up to fit in my trailer.
Mary from FL wrote (August 07, 2009):
We recently purchasedthis Little Giant Muck Cart. At first, I did not like the kick stand. However, once I accepted it as if it were a bicycle stand, we fell in love with this product. My husband even likes it and he does not like too many fancy things. This cart is worth every penny. As a matter of fact, a neighbor saw me using it and tried it out. She said that she definitely would purchase one.
Susan from Michigan wrote (March 13, 2009):
This cart is great the big wheels make it roll easier with more weight on them. Very well made and does not fall apart like lighter versions, very happy.
Sandy from Colorado wrote (August 26, 2008):
This cart is very heavy and the kick stand is in the way. It is strong and sturdy but it did not make my chores easier.