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Kathryn Hodges from Washington wrote (August 02, 2011):
This product works and fast! I bought the total stall Quitkick and it worked for my mare in one night! We had tried everything and this works. Watch the utube video to help install. It's not hard to put up but you need to figure out where to move the sensors near the boards the horse kicks most, even if you have to move them up higher then shown (over to the side near the kick zone worked for us) also check how to adjust the spray of water best between the bars for maximum range. I hope everybody buys this product it's worth is weight in gold! It's saved my mares legs, my barn, our neighbors friendship (night kicker)and my sanity! My husband a DVM was shocked at how fast it stopped this bad behavior, and she can still touch her stall walls otherwise (unlike electic fence etc) we thought she was a lost cause. Farrier and Vet approved. Thanks Quitkick!! Kathryn Hodges & Gil Hodges DVM
Eileen Kortright from Virginia wrote (July 13, 2011):
I'm been using the QuitKick Total Stall System for about 3 weeks now and It is a Godsend! My mare is an air fern who wants her food NOW! She has totaled the wall of her current stall four times in the past 3 years. Even reinforced with metal brackets and plywood sheets, she would kick it down. After installing the QuitKick System, her kicking has all but stopped. I'd give this product 5 stars, however it did not cure her as the manufacturer claims. She still kicks the wall and gets sprayed, but it's ONE kick and not near as hard as her regular kicks.