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J. G. from WI wrote (September 11, 2012):
Worked like they said it would. If using harbinger clips anywhere around horses I do not advise keeping any head gear on horses (rope halter, any halter) they've been known to get hooked on the harbinger clips and that's an accident waiting to happen.
Slows down my "vacuum cleaner" horse
Sue from PA wrote (June 15, 2012):
I thought I could keep these full and let my horses "graze" all the time, but my "vacuum cleaner" horse ate way tooooo much, even with the small holes in this. He also has pulled a hole in it. I does slow him way down, though.
Easy to fill
Kathi from WA wrote (March 14, 2012):
They are very easy to fill compared to others. I use caribiners to hold mine and it works just fine. The small ones to close it and bigger ones to hold it up, connecting it to eye hooks. It works well and contains the hay better than the larger ones.
Kim Aust from Virginia wrote (April 24, 2011):
This thing has a 12" piece of nylon at either end to attach it to wherever you are hanging it, and you know that nylon knots slip easily. Method of closure - two cheap carbiners. Instructions say NOT to use carbiners to hang net. Big waste of $$$.