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Very Durable
Liz A. from NC wrote (September 12, 2012):
I have five of these haynets and they are outside 24/7. When it is raining, I hang them on a tree, when the ground is dry, I just put them on the ground. I replaced the draw cord with a shackle bolt and none of my horses are shod (so no one gets hung up in the net). Keeps the waste to a minimum and extremely durable! Not one broken section after almost a year of constant use (and my horses step on them to keep them from rolling away while they pull the hay out). Some of the horses even pick up their hay net and bring it with them. To fill, I just put the open hay net over a muck basket and put the flakes in - very quick.
No Waste, Slows down eating, tough nets
GemBug from MI wrote (March 22, 2012):
I've bought a total of 16 of these on sale the last year. I use them doubled during mild weather, single in the winter when I want them to have hay 24/7. They are tough nets, and my horses have to work for their food keeping them "grazing" for hours on a few flakes. I fill them in a corner where I put 3 screws on top of boards to spread the nets open. I bought bucket straps from another site, and use them in place of the cord that comes with the nets. Attach the bucket strap to the eye hooks with rings. I have slow feeders with a chain link top, but like the nets better so just put them in the wooden feeders. Great product for a good price.
Its ok
Drafty-Drafty from PE wrote (January 30, 2012):
it didnt wok with my draft horse the holes were to small.
Sue from CT wrote (November 04, 2011):
FANTASTIC! No waste. I fill several each time I open a bale of hay, and set them ready to hang. Easy to fill if put in cart and spread the top.... place hay in lengthwise to bottom. takes my horses about 24 hours to clean up 3 flakes, with NO waste.