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Really great
Clover from WA wrote (August 28, 2012):
An amazing saddle rack for the price! It's really easy and quick to install, doesn't require any special mounts or anything! Very nice and it holds up well. Would definiitly recommend
Landy from US wrote (July 15, 2011):
This is a great saddle rack for the price! It's easy to install and gets the job done! Great saddle rack
MJS from NY wrote (May 13, 2010):
I purchased two of these to install into a custom tack locker I was making for a friend. They were easy to install and worked very well for the different styles of saddles my friend owns. Nice product. On our next build we'll definitely go with the same racks.
Sam from AZ wrote (January 08, 2010):
I was suprised how sturdy and lightweight this saddle rack is, i have only had it for a short time, but i love it! And the price is great too, my trainer and all of my barn uses them as well. I would definitely recomend!
Josie Alex from PA wrote (December 11, 2009):
this works great, and is a good price. would deff. reccomend