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Great for the price
Theresa from WA wrote (January 09, 2012):
nice rack. I prefer wood over other materials, and like the shape of this for my drssage saddle. The wierd loop that the other reviewer describes is actually the eye bolt you need to screw into the wall to hang the rack!
Melissa from California wrote (January 09, 2010):
This is a great saddle rack for a great price. It holds up well, and fits virtually anywhere. It came with this weird loop sticking out the back that blocked the rack from hitting the wall correctly, but once I took that out it worked great!
ashley from kentucky wrote (January 07, 2010):
My barn uses these in the barn aisle when we bring out all of our pads and saddle we lay them here right next to the cross tie and then reach over as we need it and then fold it down so it dosen't stick out in the aisle. easy first assembly, easy to put up and down as needed and holds a lot of weight and lots of room for the saddle. great quality espically for this price