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Never really worked
Lara from VA wrote (October 16, 2012):
I purchased this for a gift to myself. What a disappointment. It was easy to install/set up, but I never got a clear image. I tried both antenas and always had interference and snowy image that flickered in and out. I thought if I had it hardwired it might work better. Nope - even worse -- now it is hardwired and I basically have a useless camera...
Easy to use
Chesley, Dover Staff from RI wrote (April 03, 2012):
Very easy to use. I have only used for short hauls so far. Will be asking hubby to hard wire for our longer hauls in the fall. Was simple to install and worked well with a 3 horse slant with a dressing room. I placed the camera in the back and it had no problem with the distance between the camera and monitor.
deby from wa wrote (September 27, 2011):
The idea is great - the product is POOR. Camera supposedly automatically switches in/out of night vision - mine was ALWAYS on night and chewed thru batteries every 2 hours. Battery replacement VERY difficult as the piece is rigid plastic and too small to get one's fingers in to line up the battery terminals when changing batteries. I called manufacturer - they suggested I use the adapter for 110 volts. VERY flimsy, poorly made adapter (22 or 24 gauge wire) that is extremely short and fragile. Several attempts at wiring into trailer wiring failed - the adapter NEVER worked despite wiring every way possible (switching neg/pos leads as suggested by manufacturer did nothing). There are too many other camera systems on the market with much better results to bother with this one...
Marnie Stetson from NJ wrote (July 14, 2011):
This is a great product. The only problem I have is that a 9V battery only lasts an hour and I'm not sure what to do about that and it requires a lot of batteries for a long haul.
DC from California wrote (April 30, 2010):
Terrific product! Easy to use, quick installation/hookup AND affordable! I am very pleased with the unit and highly recommend it.
BCarlin from Florida wrote (March 18, 2010):
I'm not mechanical, I don't like directions and I'm wasn't optimistic that this item would work. I installed it in less than 5 minutes and indeed it worked 100%. I love it and it is worth every penny.
Kaysee, Dover Saddlery Staff from MA wrote (June 25, 2009):
A great product at a wonderful price! I've driven trailers with permanent, hard-wired systems (which were great, don't get me wrong), but for a fraction of the price this system gives the same picture and piece of mind. Both the camera and monitor are quick and easy to set-up, plus I like having the option to move the camera quickly depending on number of horses, size of the trailer, what types of issues the horses may be having, etc. As quiet as my horses have always been while traveling, the assurance this system gives totally beats assuming all is well in the trailer!
Chris from Illinois wrote (March 26, 2009):
Trailer Eyes lets you see things you wouldnAt otherwise see while you are on the road! We want our horses rested when we arrive at an event. With Trailer Eyes we saw one of our horses reaching over and annoying the horse next to him. A simple solution was to move the trailer tie to the other hook, but without trailer eyes, we never would have known!
Roberta from Illinois wrote (March 21, 2009):
It is very interesting to watch your horse as you trailer. See him sway and move with the motion of the trailer. Its makes you more careful on turns. I have not had a horse in trouble during the camera's use, but I would surely have seen it if I did. I did have one anxious horse catch the camera with his tail and knock it down. I stopped as soon as I could and found the camera under his feet. Still works fine, just moved it to a different spot!
Vickey from Wisconsin wrote (March 19, 2009):
I have been using the Trailer Eyes system since summer of 08 and I've found it to be a very useful and effective tool. The reception is surprisingly good, very easy to set up and use, and the peace of mind is priceless. We were caught in a torrential downpour at an endurance ride last year and the poor camera was drenched in non-stop rain for 24 hours in the back of my stock trailer. It suffered NO damage. Once I realized it had been sitting in the rain that entire time, I was sure it would not even turn on for me, but it did. Never had a problem with it after that rain storm. I do have to use the booster antenna to get good reception but it takes 5 minutes to hook that up and then you never mess with it again. It has paid for itself multiple times over, as I trailer at least two to three times a week.