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great blanket
amanda from ON wrote (June 25, 2012):
have had this blanket for 5 years now. decided to buy some back up when im washing them.
Alicia from Virginia wrote (March 12, 2010):
This sheet works very well but it is too small on my mare's shoulders. It fits everywhere but her shoulders.
Hailey from Louisiana wrote (February 03, 2010):
I'm just so disappointed. I completely LOVE Dover, but this product is substandard. I found it lying in my field, completely destroyed after ONE evening on. The material is very soft, and it runs a bit larger than I would have liked. I assessed the situation and I think that what happened was my horse rolled and it slipped under because the buckles were all snapped, just ripped to shreds. I would like to warn you all that this sheet is worth the price only if you watch your horse carefully and get the exact size for your horse. I've purchased so many wonderful products from Dover, but this item is not included, unfortunately.
Hanan Baker from California wrote (June 09, 2009):
I was looking for a sheet with a fit that hugs the horse because if any horse could get rid of a fly sheet it is mine and the last sheet he even broke. So i had really no way of telling which would fit best but to look at the pictures and this one looked okay. This morning i went out to put it on and it fit quite well! I felt, by the way it fit, that it wasn't going to come off as easily! It worked great! The only thing is it seemed to be a tiny bit uneven: too long at the back. But the length doesn't bother him just the fit and it fits quite well: nice and snug. I do recommend it.