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manny from KY wrote (March 06, 2012):
I have two pairs for two horses. They get turned out in separate fields from each other. Both horses love to play and roll. These hold up well, fit well, and I am happy with the quality.
Should have gotten my money back
Heidi S from SC wrote (March 01, 2012):
Bought this sheet bc Pessoa products are usually reliable. I expected it to be waterpoof since the description says so. WELL after my horse had been wearing it for a week and one good rainstorm, my horse was soaked. Not just in the usual chest area but his entire back and hind quarters were soaked to the bone. So much for waterproof....
HUGE disappointment!
Lindsey H. from TX wrote (January 30, 2012):
I have 4 horses who live outside year round, but have open acess to their stalls at all times. Because of this, they live in turnout sheets or blankets all winter. Because there are 4 of them to buy for, I try to purchase the best quality for the cheapest price. (basically, I wait until the good stuff goes on sale). So I was really excited to see the Pessoa sheets on sale, finally my boys could look cute in a high quality sheet without breaking the bank. Boy was I wrong!! The sheets are very cute, I love the different color plaids, but that's the only good thing I can say. By the end of the first day they had worn them, all three had at least one broken buckle or snap, and two of them had pretty major tears. That was in the first 24 hours! I've had them since November now, so not quite 3 months. In that time I have replaced at least one snap on each sheet several times a week, sewn up countless tears, had to cut the binding off because it had come undone and was dragging on the grown, and had one entire surci
Rose from NJ wrote (December 25, 2011):
Owned this sheet for part of a year. My horse wore it intermittently last Spring, very intermittently. It had a few minor rips, mostly the piping, and the hardware was starting to go. But I washed it and given its price and reviews, I thought I might have it for at least one more season. The next fall, my horse went out with ONE other horse and this sheet was ripped to shreds on the first day. The entire back end was ripped off and part of the lining. And it was not one large rip but several "T" shaped rips, large "T" shaped rips... the damage is extensive. The reason I buy Pessoa is because their sheets and blankets are fitted towards the Warmblood figure and it is hard to find any blanket that will fit a well built Warmblood. They do not pinch or bind in the neck and shoulder area and they are wide enough to cover a full barrel. I had an old, old Pessoa Alpine Mid-weight that was handed down to my little guy when he was just three. He wore that blanket for two years while living in a lar
Annette from CO wrote (December 05, 2011):
Generally satisfied with the sheet, though purchased off ebay for a fraction of the price. The hardware is disappointing in such a pricey sheet. Very flimsy, especially the T hooks. Even being a size too big the fit is still good and the material is tough enough, tends to scratch but that's better than a rip!