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No shoulder rubs!
Dianne from WA wrote (July 01, 2012):
Although this sheet slides around more than I would prefer, I still like it. It allows freedom of movement through the shoulders better than anything else. I used it first on a mare that had been injured and saw how much better she moved. In winter I put a halofill liner under it and so its a three season turnout.
Not for high withered horses
from TX wrote (February 15, 2012):
Wish I could return this sheet, however it's been worn twice so probably no deal. Anyone want two brand new sheets at a very discounted price? They're both 82's, one was suppose to be a 78 and was in a sealed from the factory bag, but it's marked on the sheet as a 82. I bought every thickness of these blankets. Thought I loved them until they started pulling on my TB's withers, even bought larger sizes so I could have more adjustments at the neck. The only one that half way works for my high withered TB's is the 100 weight, but it still eventually pulls and puts a lot of pressure on their withers. This blanket is great for horses without high withers. I love the idea of this blanket design and how they fit other horses.
Not a Fan
Liz from NY wrote (February 12, 2012):
This blanket slides around a lot and tends to come back and pinch my warmblood's withers. Also the plastic buckles will get jammed with dirt making it hard to get them to release. After 2 seasons, it ripped even though he only wore the blanket occasionally and is pretty easy on them.
jamie from FL wrote (December 02, 2011):
Excellent blanket! Finally, my draft cross is not getting a single rub!