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Trish from Maryland wrote (June 28, 2011):
Not a great one. It's WAY bigger than it needs to be..the belly band hangs way too low and I had to "modify" them with tape so they would even fit close to snug enough. the way the neck is attached makes the chest too tight while grazing and in 3 days my mare has had all the hair on her chest rubbed off. It's also pretty heavy which is bad for her because she gets hot easily. So $$ down the tubes..put it away as a back up for cooler fall weather I guess. :-/
Ally from CT wrote (May 21, 2011):
This is a great fly sheet! Especially for TB's and Arabs.
Elaine from Hawaii wrote (June 15, 2010):
Terrible! It asked for a flysheet for turnout and this one lasted 1 day. The velcro does not hold the neck piece closed, the two front buckles gap open because there's no velcro, the three surcingles do not stay hooked, the material is so soft the neck cover slides down leaving the neck exposed, and the bellyband is not stitched to the surcingles so it falls down on itself. When I came out after leaving this on my mare for one day, two of the three surcingles were dragging on the ground, the neck piece was opem - overall it was a terrible suggestion for turnout. I took it off her immediately before she got tangled up in it.
Jessica A. from Virginia wrote (October 15, 2009):
I would not recommend this fly sheet. For one, the material is quite thick and therefore too hot for Virginia summers. Second, it was not stiff enough for the neck part to stay put. Instead, the neck would fall down and scrunch around the withers, leaving the neck unprotected. Third, the placement of the belly surcingles was problematic: the nylon stopped before the end of the fly material, so that when attached, the fly material would fall down. Hard to describe, but very annoying.
Ann from NC wrote (July 28, 2009):
I do not recommend this fly sheet at all. It rubbed my horse's shoulders terribly right away and the velcro closure on the neck cover did not stay closed so the neck cover was useless. This sheet is heavier than ones I've used and the horse was too hot. I think it is a poor design. I am returning the one I bought.
Judy Ison from South Carolina wrote (June 26, 2009):
Rubbed all the hair off my horse's shoulder in 36 hours. He was previously wearing another brand that rubbed a bit but nothing like this one. Also, it is very hot here but this brand was not as cool as his previous sheet. I went back to his old sheet right away.
Katherine H from California wrote (May 11, 2009):
This is a great fly sheet. The material is so soft and not stiff like most fly sheets. It is much more fine than most and tends to keep out more bugs. I also love the stretch at the neck. My only complain is that my tall, skinny thoroughbred looks awkward in this. And to top it off, with regular shipping it was at my front door in less than a week. I will continue to buy more exceptional products from dover.