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caplyn from tx wrote (June 08, 2011):
so do we have to subtract 4-6 inches
Brooke from Texas wrote (October 16, 2010):
We have one for every horse in our stable and they are fantastic! They monogram great and make wonderful awards, too.
C. Massey from CA wrote (July 09, 2009):
It sounds to me like JR forgot to subtract 4-6" after measuring her horse. It would also explain why the tail strap was hanging so low that it got manure all over it. I ordered one for my gelding and it fit him perfectly.
JR from PA wrote (March 31, 2009):
I measured my horse but the blanket still was hanging off of him. The girth strap hangs very loose and he could easily get a foot caught up in. The tail strap just got manure all over his legs and everything sticks to it.
Veria from NM wrote (January 16, 2009):
Excellent product - lightweight and durable. My horses love its comfort and ease of use. I use it as a cooler when they're sweaty, and even as a blanket liner. Highly recommended!
Lisa Serad from PA/MD wrote (January 12, 2009):
I bought the 84" for my 17.2, 2200 lb Percheron gelding, and it fits him beautifully, and the burgundy on a black horse looks pretty good, too! It washed really well in my top-load washer on the gentle cycle. Really a nice cooler!