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Worth the price!
Patricia Nesto- Buyer- Dover Saddlery from MA wrote (May 24, 2012):
My horse lives primarily outside- and has worn this blanket pretty much every day from November through March for two years. It looked as good when I put it away this spring as it did when it was new- aside from the dirt! No broken hardware- no tears- no bunched up fill. She can also play pretty hard- and it never moves- even when she does her signature gazelle like leaps- and I LOVE not having to fuss with leg straps! No shoulder rubs either- even on a clipped coat. I've got the Rambo Wug sheet too for spring and its just as good.
Rambo outlasts other brands
from VA wrote (March 03, 2012):
I have seven horses and ponies and many Rambo blankets. Many of my Rambos are 3-10 years old. While no one makes a rip-proof blanket, Rambo comes close. Even the 10 year old blankets are still waterproof and well put together. This blanket is tough, tough, tough. I especialy loved when Rambp started putting reflective stripes on the blanket. My jumper was boarded at a barn with an indoor. When the staff turned him out in his individual paddock, they forgot to lock the gate. My horse was spotted by a driver at 3 a.m. and placed in a nearby farm because they saw his reflective blanket. As far as I'm concerned Rambo gave me back my horse. Thank you for that!
Peggy Wohlford from California wrote (December 08, 2011):
We own 6 of these blankets, and loved the initial quality. As each of our other manufacturers blankets failed over time, we would replaced them with these blankets. We now own 6 of these bought over a 3 year period. We had a strap shear last year and presumed it must have got hung up in a fence or tree limb, it was sheared clean across, almost like a scissor cut. This year four more straps on 3 blankets sheared in the same way. We took all the blankets to a repair center that specializes in horse blanket repairs. They said they had seen a number of this make of blanket exhibit the same problem from all over. They also drew our attention to the hem of the blankets which were also all fraying! The so called 3 year warranty is worthless, it is solely a "waterproof and breathable guarantee". We are switching our allegiance away from this brand, it has let us down and left us with a hefty replacement bill.