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Can't live without it!
Corinne from MD wrote (August 22, 2012):
Literally. This is the best therapeutic blanket I've ever used. I almost never haul my horse without it, it helps keep his muscles loose and relaxed in the trailer. We get to shows and he is feeling good and ready to work. I also put it on him after hard workouts and it really helps with preventing soreness the next day!
Love the Blanket, Hate the leg strap snaps
calGirl from CA wrote (February 14, 2012):
This is a great lightweight blanket that fits my 17'1" holsteiner well and he enjoys wearing it. The blanket does not pick up stall shavings and is easy to put on and take off. However, for a blanket of this quality, I'm surprised the manufacturer would use such cheap snaps on the back leg straps - both broke in a very short time.
This is amazing.
Bethany from DC wrote (January 29, 2012):
I really love this product. My horse has had back problems all winter and using this product for only a couple hours his entire body was looser and his back was more relaxed. During warmer days I just leave this on him and during the night I put it on underneath his stable blanket. He was on methocarb and he had been miso'd and massaged and prolo'd and nothing has worked as well as this blanket.