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I love these liners!
Eleanor from NC wrote (March 01, 2012):
I've used them for several years. They attach easily to where the tail strap attaches on Rambo turnouts. They stay in place without slipping on my horses which are pastured 24/7. Because they are lightweight they are easy for a small person to put on & remove. Because they don't have belly straps they are quicker to put on & take off. And most importantly, they keep my horses warm.
great liner
jill from CA wrote (January 08, 2012):
I love this liner. I also have the 100 g for varying temperatures. It fits great and stays in place under my Rambo blankets - it attaches to the blanket at the neck as well as clipping to the back - same place as the tail cord - never has slipped and very easy to clean...very warm. Very Happy.
Christine from Canada wrote (November 22, 2011):
Very nice blanket quality! It is very light and very warm. My horse normally wears a 82" and I got the 81". It fit him just right. I bought this blanket as a blanket liner under a turnout to keep my horse warm during our freezing cold winters. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that this blanket doesn't have leg or stomach straps which makes it slip all over the place. I tried attaching it to a turnout blanket and it still didn't work right. I have other Rambo and Horseware Ireland blankets that I love dearly but this one isn't one of them. I will be returning it and buying a Rider's International Stable blanket with straps and the fitted shape. It might work fine with a stabled horse but my guy moves around a lot and is always rolling.